insurance problems

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Insurance desk jockeys playing doctor.....hmmm sounds unethical to me

Is the California insurance industry trying to kill us off early by denying benefits so they won't have the cost of the long haul????? Sounds like it to me.

My 5FU/Irin/Avastin tx at USC were $20,000 billed to Medicare,per treatment, Medicare was contracted at about $6,000 at USC for these, Medi paid about 3/4 and my BS supplement paid the rest. The best place to be in this swamp is on Medicare w/ a great Medi Supplement.But then, not everyone is "old" so, you young ones it is time to take strong action Immediately.
Re those of you who aren't on Medicare then I strongly suggest suing insurance companies and writing to your legislators immediately.

It doesn't cost anything, if you win, the insurance co pays the bill and write the agreement that if you loose you don't pay the costs.
In California there is a good history of success with this....see LA Times Lisa Giruion at the LA Times articles and check out the Law Offices of Alan Shernoff who is in the LA area. All he does is file against Insurance companies.Successfully. Then he gets the CA dept of insurance involved. I think he is in Compton and won against BC for that hair stylist whose breast cancer chemo was denied.She is still alive.

I fear that it will be the insurance industry who kills us, not the tumors.
Rise up oh fighters........... it is time to be LOUD and CLEAR with these THUGS.The governmet is still messing around w/ managing this, lets just start filing lawsuits.