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chat room

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How can we help when the chat room that helps all that are new cant get in

get it right CSN been 3 years but nothing but problems find a new chat server

we have done it on our own many times when it is down but that wasnt your goal right

now you have done alot to leave others out fix it
it was sapose to be a room where we can help others but if we can get in and you dont say anything how do we trust ya

been here for over 9 years never seen it this bad deal with it do what your goal is dont worry we will take care of our own but be a good site i,m sick of it

I can be e-mailed atezekea@yahoo.com ya got my e-mail and you have it at


been here 9 years this is the worse ive ever seen ya need help e-mail me


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Sorry you are having so much trouble. Sounds like you are having more trouble than I am getting in to the chatroom but wondered where you were, now I know.

I know CSN was looking into another chat server and not sure what happened to that. I know also that Java updates are important too so check and make sure you have updates done for Java.

Hope to see you soon in the room. Frustrating isn't it? Blessings, Bluerose

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If anyone knows of another site where survivors are meeting while the chatroom is under maintenance here could you post the site for us please? Thanks.

Blessings, Bluerose

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Facebook has a chat function...

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Hmmm this shutdown of the chatroom is going on longer than ever so I am going to suggest another site similar to this one with chatrooms that are all but empty and perhanps some of you would like to meet there. This is the site's address:


This is a Canadian site that is just like this one but also has meetings that are scheduled from our leading cancer hospital centre here that anyone can attend. Cancer is cancer with the same general issues no matter where you live so check it out, it's a great site.

I suggest the General Cancer Chat room there and all you have to do is register to be part of the site.

Hope to see some of you there til this site's chatroom is re-opened, if you like.

Thanks for the idea of FB chat stayingcalm but I have deleted my FB for security reasons.

Take care all,

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Hi Blue- I just signed on to the caringvoices. Hope to talkto you soon. Take care Cindy

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Hey you guys,

A few have gathered at the Caring Voices site I told you about earlier and I am there in the mornings if you want to join in. Today in one of the rooms at 1 there is a meeting from the cancer hospital on Fatigue and how to manage it as well - thats in another room but we are just chatting in the General Chat Lobby there. The address for Caring Voices is in my first comment above here, see you there.

Take care, Blue

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