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CT results

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Paula G.
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Hi everyone,
We got the scan results on John on Friday. The chest CT was a final report and said that many of the sub centimeter pulmonary nodules have improved. Previous cluster of nodules in the right lower lobe are no longer measurable. A few unchanged nodules were also seen. The impression said Improved pulmonary metastases.
The preliminary report on his abdomen showed that there was some shrinkage of the tumors in his liver also. There was a little growth in the right adrenal gland. no sign of cancer anywhere else. So all in all we are taking it as a good report. The Chemo is working.

We will see the doctor on the 9th and I have many questions to ask as usual. He will most likely have another scan in three to four months. So that seems to be the plan and I (we) will take this as good news. I am always hoping for more but stable is good. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts and just for reading my posts. It does help!

You guys are great at listening and giving informtion. Our thoughts are with all of you guys. Have a great day!! Paula

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This is such good news!! The chemo is working! I love those four words! Congrats!

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This sounds like very good news! I also love those 4 words, "the chemo is working"! I hope you two celebrate this news.

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that sounds like pretty good news. Any news that isn't really bad news must good news :)


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Our thoughts are with you too, Paula.


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Paula G.
Posts: 596
Joined: Apr 2009

Yes Mags, I agree that any news that isn't bad is good. I have said I stress out before his scans. He doesn't seem to stress at all he says "It is what it is". I am just happy that things are stable and some have improved. It is hard to see the fatgue and days that aren't so good for him but, I have him. Most days are good days.
I was concerned this time because his CEA had been up a bit.
Thanks for all your support.

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I'm so glad that things are stable and the chemo is working. John also had some tumor shrinkage. (shrinkage: that used to be a scary word for men but now seems like good news! LOL)

Hold on to him and all the 'none bad news' that you can. Know that you are loved.

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.

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Oh Paula I can't even imagine how hard it must be for you care-givers. Having always been on the other side, I take my hat off to you!

I'll just quote Kimby...Know that you are loved

hugs, mags

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I'm so glad to hear of your husband's good scan results! That's wonderful to know his chemo is working. We'll hope and pray for continued good results!


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Glad to see you reaping the harvest that you have sown :)

It could not happen to 2 nicer people - Paula and JR - best wishes to each of you and keep goin' strong - it looks good on both of you :)


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All in all this sounds like a good report. No growth, stable, shrinkage, all good news. Congrats. George is in the same boat, no surgery, yet, but we are hopeful. George is now on 5FU, Leucovorin and Avastin. Have you had any radiation or treatments to the mets yet? Any idea if anything more can be done besides more chemo? Another poster, Brenda, is is the same boat and you and I. We are both looking to find something more than just more chemo. Let us know what your onc says at your next visit. Take care = Tina

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Great news Paula. You're right. We always hope for more. We'll get there. Take Care

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Shrinkage is good. Stable is good too.
I'll say a prayer for you and John.


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That all sounds like very good news to me!

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