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Diane this is for you

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Diane I hope you are doing okay. Have not seen a post from you for a while. Maybe you are getting your second opinion at MD Anderson. Hope you are getting some answers to your questions.

In one of your previous posts you asked us do something new and share it with you. My husband and I are going to go on a Transatlantic Cruise and go to Bermuda, Scotland, Ireland, England, France and spend a few days in London after the cruise. I was not going to go because I am having a "slow reoccurrence" and will need treatment again. But after much thought, I decided if I go back on treatment......this is probably the best health I am going to be in. I feel wonderful right now, so I decided to go ahead and do the cruise. And enjoy all the beautiful countries.

My brother died of colon cancer, I remember how I wished he had done things and gone places rather than just working until he could no longer do those things.

I will still have my next CAT scan on April 5th, see the doctor on April 8th and leave on the cruise April 9th. Then if I need treatment immediately we will return to Illinois and start the treatment again. Maybe the three areas they are watching will still only show minimal change and I can wait a little longer to start treatment. What ever the plan is we will go with it.

This is my new experience. I will share more about it later. In peace and caring.

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Wow! When I said do something new You really know how to do it! (Pack me in your bag with my chemo and I'll go with you)

I am not going to MD Anderson. My insurance approval was all messed up and has to be straightened out. I had to get back on chemo; I start Tuesday. Will take doxil and avastin.

I wore regular shoes out to dinner last night! My neuropathy is getting better! My new chemo does not cause neuropathy.

My relapse was fast. I feel bad about MD Andersen; it is a long story. I may go someday. I don't think it makes a difference unless you get into a clinical trial that has a good drug. The bad news is you have to take the chemo there; I live in Virginia and I don't know if my stamina for flying back and forth for chemo is there. I like being in my own home with my husband. I have to figure all this out. The people there sound so nice though.

Now I have to think of something new to do. I could strip for money for research for USPC but my body would scare them to death!

My daughters have been here and I haven't posted. Plus I have been so confused with going or not going to a place like MD Andersen. I also went back to surgery and she cut out part of the perineum. It's been hectic.

Where do you live? When my heart and mind is all mixed up I don't post as I don't want to drag everyone down.

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Hope you had a good visit with your daughters. Sorry you were not able to go to MD Anderson for another opinion. I can understand you liking being in your own home. The travel back and forth would be tiresome, as well as not very healthy in airports and airplanes.

I wish you well with the Doxil and Avastin. I hope you tolerate both drugs well. Glad your neuropathy is getting better.

Have you applied for Social Security Disability? I think with your reoccurrence you would definitly qualify. Then you would not have to "strip for money". I like your humor!!!

I wish you would post especially when your "heart and mind are all mixed up". You do not need to worry about dragging anyone down. Hearing from you does not drag anyone down. Maybe we can offer you some encouragement and support.

Take care. Sending Cyber Hugs your way. In peace and caring.

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wish I could hide in your baggage too,
loved Scotland went when I was 10 to visit grandpa, he lived in Edinburgh VERY BEAUTIFUL and England , went there when I was 22 , covent gardens is fantastic, loved the buskers, jugglers, actors, comedy, on the streets of covent gardens ,
really would love to go there again but alas no cash makes for siting on my duff dreaming of going.
praying for full recovery.
hava a fantastic trip

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WOW....Ro, I can't beat you....A Transatlantic Cruise! HOW WONDERFUL....I am so happy for you!

My husband and I have never danced. Periodically over the years (45 to be exact), I have suggested that we take dance lessons....but all I got was a smile and a wink and a "no way" look. WELL, I am happy to say, we started ballroom dancing classes a few weeks ago and are learning the Fox Trot, rumba and the East Coast Swing. Neither of us are very coordinated or graceful and I have a few additional challenges (chemo brain and neuropathy in my feet)....and we may need to "re-take" the beginners classes again...but we are having such a great time. We "practice" every day and laugh alot.

Now, I know we won't ever make it to "Dancing with the Stars", but Diane, my dance class Thursday night will be in honor of you and my intention is that you will beat this beast!
We walk this journey together and we all here for you!!


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Just want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I pray for a cure to this devastating illness!!

Ro, that sounds like an amazing trip and wonder if I too can fit in your suitcase? :) Enjoy!

Diane, I love music and played the violin, clarinet and piano as a child. I never mastered any of them as my interests changed when I got to high school. So... my new experience is that I have been taking mandolin lessons! I love bluegrass and I have a long way to go, but I am enjoying it so much!

Scan for me tomorrow...

Both of you hang in there and know you have cyber friends fighting with you and cheering you on!

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Just was peeking at the thread..... Glad I did

You are all so awesome. I feel close to you all - we have been on this journey for awhile and listened and cared so much about each other. I commend us all for "carrying on" with life despite the burden of worry, physical weakness, etc.

Ro, Carry on and enjoy all of it. I think your thinking is right on - enjoy all while you can. My sentiments exactly. I'm sorry we did not meet this year. Maybe next - let's stay in touch. I'm glad you are traveling so much. It's a great distraction from being a "cancer patient".

Diane, what can I say but enjoy the spring and fresh Virginia air and all the beautiful blossoms this time of year. I wish you a easy journey this round - you've had your share already.

Karen, dance on my friend - so cool that you got your hubby to "shake a leg - or two".

Go Deanna - mandolin lessons. Music is so awesome!!! Enjoy it all.

As for me, I'm a woman with a mission to get my house in order - in all ways. I am hiring people to finish the myriad of unfinished projects at home, purging my filing cabinets, closets, cabinets in an effort to simplify and get down to the essense of life without so much "stuff" weighing me down. I hope by my 63rd birthday in July I can give myself this present!!!!

Many hugs and blessings to you all. Your friend, Mary Ann

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Oh ladies you are all so wonderful! You're doing so many fun things.

I am on chemo but did go to the daffodil festival Sunday. It was great to be out. I am on doxil and avastin; they make you tired and I do miss being "off." I must take it one day at a time; the only way to make it through chemo! Side effects are different. Time will tell.

We have traveled this road together through the lumps and bumps. Only we know how bumpy it can get.

I am writing stories from my life and childhood for my daughters and anyone who may be interested. Just short stories giving glimpses of life.

Enjoy spring!

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Glad you attended the Daffodil festival on Sunday. Spring is such a beautiful time of year. I love your new picture. You look great. I hope you have minimal side effects from your Doxil and Avastin.

We went to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival in Orlando last week. It was fantastic. They had over a million flowers in their displays and over 100 topiaries of the different disney characters. I really enjoyed it.

Good luck with your stories. I have started something for my daughters, too. I made them books years ago from their early childhood, now this one will be about my childhood.

You too Enjoy Spring. In peace and caring.

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So, here's what's happening on the home front. good news. Actually great news. Not about the C thing. I have no idea what's going on with that. Sorta living the denial dream for right now.

The great news is that my son was here from Germany for a few days, and fixed my twenty-five year old Mazda RX-7, that I thought was a goner for sure. Suddenly, I have freedom. I can leave my little five mile radius and go where ever the wind might take me. As I dreamed of a road trip, my husband, whom I hadn't heard from for forty years til shortly after my cancer diagnosis, emailed me to say he had found our two dearest friends from our days in the Village, and wanted to know if I felt a road trip was in order. Life is a very strange and wonderous thing, is it not?

In the meantime, before I get that going, is there anyone who would like a visit. I'm itching to travel.

Love and great big hugs to you all,


You know I cry for all our suffering, I just want to be happy for a few. And just so you don't forget what a nag I truly am, you all better hurry up and get well and whole and joyous again.

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First....Claudia, It was SOOOO good to hear from you. How nice your son was home for a visit AND he got your vehicle on the road again AND WOW, connecting with your long absent husband! How fun to go see two dear friends from your past. You are taking him up on the invitation aren't you?? Yes, life is full of unexpected twists and turns...and as we all know, some are better than others!

Diana....I love your new picture. YOu look great and "Springy". I am so happy that this round of chemo is going better for you. I pray that continues!

Mary Ann...Well, you see, If I expect to keep dancing with NED, I decided I better learn a few dance steps so he doesn't leave! I don't want to step on his toes! :-)

Ro...when will you leave on your cruise? Such fun!

And to ALL of you, best wishes always.


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