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new spot on xray

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well I was waiting to respond until after I had been to the Doc with this new cough (4 months after diagnosis and lobectomy surgery) - no chemo or radiation - but now new spot in another lobe on same side - got the "oh it is probably scar tissue line" but await the decision about CT or PET scan next week - the Docs are discussing - it is the waiting that is so hard - wishing everyone well and fingers crossed for me - thank you all -Connie

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I will hope the best result for you. I am sure the waiting is the hardest thing to deal with. It is best if there is anything that they catch it right away though. I will wish the best possible outcome for you. Take care of yourself, and know that I am here if you need to talk. I will cross my fingers too for you.


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I know all about the waiting game and mine is half over. I am having a scan done on my bicept lump today here's hoping I too will have good results. I know how you feel about not getting comfort from doctors who can tell us things without touching or even looking at the lumps themeselves.
Last round 14 years ago was the same, a fibrous cyst nothing to worry about until I was ill and had stage 3 breast cancer with second lump growing in a week. All we can do is stay on top of these things and get the diagnostic testing sooner than later. My own doctor this time right out said fattie lump without even touching it and it wasn't till I asked if these lumps grew fast then she thought about looking at it more closely. Funny shouldn't that be the first thing they do and after all these years not much has changed. Yes a little venting going here, fear rising up in the soul can do it.
All I know for sure are the same things I knew 14 years ago...
There is nothing I can do about it but meet the challenge head on and just face the fears and do it anyways. I still know what I have control over and what I do not and this is just apart of living. I do know how to live in the good and the bad for as much as one there is the other.

Love and LIGHT to you
and know Connie you are not alone.

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I Just saw this post after I sent an update to you about me. I feel so silly now....and I did not mean to be uncaring I should have read further down. I am praying for you!!!!! and want to hear how the scans turn out. You will be in my prayers until I hear from you.
annie 60 Please know I care

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now I feel really silly but i will send prayers anyway let me know how you are this year lol

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