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Shot(s) to in increase white blood count

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During chemo, how many times per week do you get a shot - 5 days or only one?

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Are you asking about the above shot? If so, during my first 3 chemo treatments I didn't have the shot. When left for 33 sessions of radiation and came back, by oncol suggested the shot as my white count was down and didn't want to take a chance of postponing any of my next 3 chemo sessions.

The way it works, must have the shot 24 hrs after the chemo session. End chemo session on Wed, and in next day for Neulasta shot. The aches and pains in joints and bones and extreme tiredness was there for 3 days after shot. It's well worth it! Many have the shot every time after chemo, but as we all know most chemo is cummulative.

Best to you...

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That's the one! After her 3rd chemo she's gotten weaker & it's hard for her to drive or walk far. Maybe we can see if it can be changed to one shot vs. five! Thanks for the info!

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The Neulasta shots are given 24 hours the chemo infusion and Neupogen shots are given daily. I read that if you take Claritin before the Neulasta shot, and for 3 - 5 days after the shot it helps with the bone aching. I took it and it did seem to help me have less aching. I too had to have Neulasta after my radiation treatments for my last chemo treatments. I had 3 chemo before radiation and 3 after radiation. After my 4th chemo I ended up in the hospital with Febrile Neutropenia and got Neupogen shots to bring up the white blood cell counts. And then I got Neulasta after the 5th and 6th chemo. There was a big difference in the pain when I took the claritin after my 6th chemo. I needed less pain pills for the pain.

Thinking of you and your sister. In peace and caring

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