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Chemo Wafers

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My husband was taken to surgery yesterday for his 2nd crainiotomy in 9 months. We went to see the Dr for his follow up MRI and they saw that the tumor was growing again. We had a physician tell us there was nothing else they could do. Then another physician told us about something called Chemo Wafers, they implant these on top of the tumor site once they remove what they can of the tumor. They put 6-9 wafers on the sites and in a few days it starts to desolve into the tissues and kill the cancer cells. It sounds very positive and hope it works.

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I almost had the glial wafers put in before my last surgery, a few weeks back. I didn't because my neuro-oncologist said they could kill me if the chemo got in this one line that leads to the brain stem. My neurosurgeon said they would take precautions to ensure this didn't happen if I did end up changing my mind. The tumor board at Emory in Atlanta doesn't reccomend them anymore, as they cause so many infections. UCSF's neurosurgeons have mixed opinions.

God bless, danielgharper

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I also have Glioblastoma Multiforme grade 4. I am 55 years old and was diagnosed on Dec. 15 2008. I had surgery on Jan.13,2009 and had the Glio wafers put in at that time. I have done very well with them, in fact many of my doctors say I am the exception to the rule in how I am doing. For the most part I have being doing very well and able to do most things that I did before the surgery. I have had MRI's ever 2 months, and all of them have been good (no increase in the tumor size) I had 6 weeks of radiation and have been on Temodar chemo ever since the radiation began in about March of 2009.

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I know nothing about this, but this sounds very interesting. I'd like to look it up more. I'm curious what in particular type of cancer it is for, however, as I'm sure it isn't for all sorts.

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