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Update on My Mom

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First I have to say how inspired I am by all of your stories. These boards are maintaining my sanity through all of this.

Last I posted my mother (Stage 3 UPSC with recurrence) was recovering from debulking surgery for her first recurrence. (Recurrence 9 months after completing hysterectomy, radiation and chemo) She had a mass removed from the top of her bladder and a bowel resection. Just a month after surgery CT scan revealed a new mass on the bladder. She had been having UTI complications and they decided not to go forward with the chemo infusion indicated by the tissue assay, and instead prescribed Arimidex, which seemed to us like a shot in the dark.

Last week she had some bloody urine and was admitted to the hospital where they put in a ureteral stent. The stent has not offered any relief since the tumor is impinging on the bladder.

She meets with the chemo oncologist today. They are going to go ahead with the big guns and start a second course of chemo infusions. This time they will use cisplatin and cytoxan. Cisplatin has some heavy-duty side effects and she will be hospitalized for the infusions, but at this point...what else can we do?

I just want her to be comfortable, to have some good days as we welcome spring. Our dreams seem to be getting smaller but every little bit of hope we can hang on to makes a difference.

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Sorry that your Mother is having such problems. I certainly hope that the new drugs will add to her comfort. You both remain in my prayers. I hope she can have some good days as spring is coming. Take care of yourself, too. In peace and caring.

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Sending thoughts and prayers out to your Mom :)

I hope she tolerates the Cisplatin as best as she can. I did great on it for two treatments with no adverse effects....Praying that happens for her as well.

Hang in!


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Your mother has been through so much and so have you. Remember with the chemo that if she does have problems with it other medications can be prescribed to make her more comfortable. Pain medications, mild tranquilizers, etc may be helpful. Don't be afraid to ask for help.


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