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Help with Diagnosis

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I am looking for some help. My mom injured herself at work in November of 09, work sent her to the hospital, when the Doctor saw her X-Rays he said "I don't want to alarm you but this looks like bone cancer". Her regular Doctor sent her in for a CT Scan, Bone Scan and Skeletal Survey. She got a copy of her medical report and it said that she had it in her marrow, soft tissue, shoulder, elbow, hand, kidney, and bladder also. Her Doctor did a Multiple Melanoma blood test? and said that it came back negative. In the beginning it we were under the impression that the bone was primary. In her medical report it suggested that it metastasized to the bone. Her Doctors referred her to a cancer clinic in L.A. for a biopsy but the consultation isn't till next month.
I was hoping for some sort of information on what type of cancers we could be looking at. If any one out there they could give me some opinions of what they think it may be or some experiences that would really help a great deal.

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why is it taking a month to get in to them? That's not right. She should be seen immediately. Have you tried Mayo Clinic?

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