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Giving Thanks and Appreciation to Hospital Staff with Photos!

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I was in the hospital for 2 weeks following my colorectal surgery--wasn't that sick but...couldn't POOP! And...no way do they let you go before a poop. So---to keep my busy mind entertained--I decided to do a story with pics for the hospital's quarterly report. The story never happened but--I grouped all the pics of my hospital recovery on one sheet and gave it to my surgeon. He really loved it and kept it..asked me to take one to the hospital's surgery unit where I lived for two weeks. I brought it over yesterday and they were all soooooo appreciative--will hang it in their lunchroom. One tech even remembered my room number (from 2 months ago). I am such a caretaker myself--couldn't help but totally appreciate being taken care of so efficiently by so many wonderful nurses, techs and an American Cancer Society gal who brought me presents 3 days in a row and lovingly supported me when I totally broke down crying on the 3rd day after surgery. They rarely hear good things from patients according to my surgeon so it felt really good to make their day. It was a very enlightening day for me. I'm probably the only weirdo who has taken pics of their hospital experience but--it sure makes me appreciate living on the OUTSIDE.

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MaryJane (GREAT name BTW), that was so nice that you created that for the team at the hospital. It's no doubt that they are often under-appreciated. When you get a team of knowledgeable experienced people who pour their hearts and brains into their professions and then people put their thanks elsewhere it must hurt them in a way. I know they are a special group of people who go into that profession because they want to and I'm sure they are not in it for the pats on the back but still, it is nice to hear a hearty "Thank You" for a change and also to see a presentation like yours...no wonder they hung it up for all of them to enjoy!

A few times I've run into a few of the surgeons who have worked on me and I always give them a big THANK YOU! If it were not for them and my oncologist I would not be here today. For me, that's a good thing.

It's funny how we are sort of reduced to being kids again. Everyone gets a big deal out of us pooping or passing gas!
Great post MaryJane

P.S. I've taken photos inside of the hospital too, you're not the only one!

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techs and all others helping keep me alive......steve

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Please share your pictures with us. We would enjoy seeing them.

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