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MRI and CT today

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Had both scans done today. CT to find out why ribs are hurting and MRI to find out why back is hurting. Won't get results til Monday. Gosh...I hate this waiting. I am praying it has nothing to do with recurrance or anything CANCER related. Please send yours prayers and/or good vibes my way. It would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.


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I am praying for good news . I have a question why are we having all this back pain ? My back is killing me and they said my liver enzimes were alittle high so they are going to do a pet on me maybe next week. I am like you don't want it to be cancer related...

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Sending prayers your way for great news on Monday.


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I will be praying for you tonight! Patti

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Jennie, you definitely have my prayers and positive thoughts!


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I will definitely be praying for all to be NOTHING cancer related! For lcarper (Louann) too! Hang in there- I know the waiting is the hardest part.
Take care!


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I'll say one for you tonight dear. Keep the faith, everything will be alright.


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I will keep you in my prayers also try not to dwell on it You will know Monday and worrying wont change it just try to enjoy the weekend espiccally if you have nice weather
keep us posted

Sheri 22

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You got it now stop worrying, what is is and you can't change it. Now go have a good weekend, paint your nails a floozy color and perhaps relive your birthday weekend with hubby, that should take you mind off things.....Tina

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Prayers from me are coming your way. Try to stay away from the drinking and whoring this weekend.


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Hi Jennie,

I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you + hoping for good results from your scans. Remember you are an NED warrior!

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I love you guys!!!! You make me feel sooooooooo good. ERIC........ I promise NOT to DRINK this weekend....but as far as the other...FORGET IT sweetheart!!! LOL.... thanks for always making me laugh.... BEST medicine.... I will post results Monday. Til then.... I am taking all advice and forgetting everything and enjoying the week-end......


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That's the spirit Jennie. I'm planning on having a fire in the back yard this weekend. Will be sending many sparks to you - and everyone.
Take Care - Roger

Fight for my love
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Dear Jennie,you are in my prayers everyday.Wish you the best.Take care.

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Remembering you in prayers for good reports Jennie!

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