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Colonoscopy Monday

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Hi friends. I'm not sure if you remember me but I posted a few weeks ago over concerns about rectal bleeding. I'm 36 and a nervous wreck. On Monday I had my kids outside for recess (I'm a teacher) and I felt something wet. By the time I got to the restroom there was ALOT of blood...everywhere.

In the past few weeks my bleeding episodes have happened in the toliet bowel or on paper after a BM. Monday scared me really bad because I didn't have a BM. I went to our urgent care center. My blood looked good and I had stopped bleeding. The doctor used the scope. He said he couldn't see any bulbous (sp?) hemms but could see fibrous hemm tissue. He said it was possible that an internal hemm had burst.

In February the doctor could see internal hemms and an anal fissure. Over the summer the doctor discovered I had high bilirubin levels. After following it for 3 months and doing an ultrasound, the doc said it was Gilbert's syndrome. Nothing to worry about. I know wonder if those liver levels have anything to do with my colon. My AST and ALT levels are completely normal. So, I called my regular doc and now I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Monday at 12:15. She wanted to give me a bit of the run around but I told her I was tired of my butt running my life!

I'm nervous about the prep. The doctor said it would be halflytely. I don't know if that is good or bad.... Also, I worried that I will begin to vomit or have too much diarreha. I have a heart rthytm problem and the last time I had a flu bug we had to call the rescue squad because my rthytm got out of wack.

Of course, I know that I can hydrate hydrate hydrate so hopefully that will help.

So, I'm looking for any words of wisdom. I would also like a "I'm sure it is just hemms" even if you don't believe it! I told friends at work about the colonoscopy and they are already looking at me like I'm sick!

I truly admire each and everyone of you. I've been reading and following your stories and I'm so impressed with your courage.

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Seriously, you'll be getting the results from the colonoscopy soon enough, so as somebody else said, you don't have a problem until you have a problem! Breathe deep and know you will get through the prep. Since the purpose of the prep is diarrhea and lots of it, just be prepared to sit by the toilet! I don't think it affects the heart the way bacterial diarrhea does, but be sure you are using an electrolyte of some kind for hydration (gatorade works well), and watch your bp. People pay big bucks for the bowel cleansing, so you'll be one up on them! It'll be a big relief for you when you do find the actual source of the bleeding too and it can be managed. We'll all be looking for your post on how things went.

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I know that once you are done with the testing you will feel much better...because then you will know one way or the other and can move on...waiting is always tough.

I am doing bowel prep tomorrow (Thurs) in preparation for surgery on Friday, but it is much the same. The big difference is that for colonoscopy they tell you nothing RED or PURPLE in your quest to hydrate. When I had sigmoidoscopy I only did water and it played heck with my sugar levels. This time around I have gotten clear boths, gator aid and juices (no pulp) and jello. With these things I feel certain that the sugar levels will be better.

There are a number of different bowel prep options out there...some have been discussed recently on here. My doctor has me use magnizium citrate...not bad to drink, but a bit strong on the flavoring.

Don't let the prep, process or the waiting for results get you down. No matter what, you will feel more in control when you know for sure what you are dealing with.

To better days and better health


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Don't worry to much about the prep, i have found that if you eat less the day before and the day of the prep ofcorse don't eat anything, they say clear liquids the day you drink the prep but i just don't have anything but water it is easier on me. I love the way it makkes me feel all light and clean on the inside.

Getting all that liquid clenz down is a little hard but you do fine and you need to start pretty early in the day so it doesnot effect your sleep.

Good luck, best wishes, lots of good vibes,and prayers.

live, laugh, play

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You're going to be just fine! If I can get through one, you sure can too! it's literally a pain to be sitting on the toilet alot to clean out, but it definitely is nice to get that kind of cleaning out, and just going in and getting a clean bill of health at least! it will be peace of mind for you. So, get you a nice book, or magazine, drink that lovely stuff they will be prescribing for you (I won't lie and say it's "yummy", and just stay on the potty like I did..lol... but you will get through it, and hopefully you will come here and post back to us to let us know how it went!


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Praying you get answers but not a cancer dx today!

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