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Lump and pain

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The other night I noticed my forearm felt "wierd" where I had my melanoma removed 10 years ago, there was a visable lump about 2-3" long, felt like a knot under the skin the entire area and it hurt to rub my finger over the area, has anyone ever had this? The pain, bump and knot lasted a few days and is gone now.

I know what I should do and that is going to the doctor, but I am afraid they will think I am a complainer....I am having a few other issues right now to rule out uterine cancer and a bad mammo as well, now this.

I was told by a director of a local hospital a few years ago that "people that have or had cancer always cry at every little twinge they feel in their body", those words caused me alot of harm to the point I dont want complain.

Should I have it checked right away or monitor it closely? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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It would have been best to go see your doctor while having the symptoms. However, it sounds like you have a lot going on right now and I think it would be best to make an appointment with your doctor and describe the situation to him or her and see if there are any tests that can be done to uncover what caused your pain and lumps. Please don't worry about some random person telling you how you might be a whiner. It is YOUR life and you are the only person who can make sure that you take action if you feel something is wrong. Or, think about it this way: the worst thing that can happen is that you go to your doctor and find out that everything is ok...and you get your peace of mind.

Besides going to my dr's, I'd also monitor myself very closely. Hope this helps. Please don't let this random person's comment affect you and make you not want to go to your doctor. Your health is much more important than any irresponsible or negative comments made by anybody.


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