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Any workout programs/recommendations for after Surgery?

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I walked about 3.5 miles today (4 separate walks totally 2 hours…not setting any speed records) and I prefer to lie down to sitting (doc said it was better for me to lie or stand instead of sitting the first few weeks if I could) I have some exercise programs but was curious what other used on this site for regaining their strength. Any urls or tips are appreciated…
Many thanks

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Hey BD.. Good luck with that.. I am interested in both pre and post operative excercise and diet.. so I will be watching thread.



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With time permitting I will post details since you are interested but in a nut shell-
Prior to surgery (and only if you are in good health and cleared by your doctor)-
3x week-weights (no less than 45 minutes circuit lifting-medium weight not max-injuries are not needed right now IMHO)
5x week and 2x day- I do run but the 3 months prior to surgery I hiked 4-5 miles (I live next to a National Park in Atlanta area) 2x day (total of 8-9 miles a day) M-F and on Saturday did a 10 mile hike…Sunday I rested ..
Diet pre surgery-3 months-“Health Heart” or “Mediterranean Diet” are the simplest to follow IMHO. I had a high fiber (and lots of beans), 8-10 servings of vegs/fruits a day (included 2 servings of organic marina sauce a day), one soy product a day, 8 oz Pomegranate Juice, no beef, chicken, turkey. Etc… prior to surgery only wild caught Sockeye salmon (3-4x week)..plus only added fat to diet was extra virgin olive oil…2-3 glass of red wine most days-supplements-I WILL FOLLOW UP WITH
Diet Post recovery-My meals have been smaller but I have followed a high fiber but have eaten “grass feed” beef and Organic chicken 2x a day since I loss over a liter of blood during surgery and 4-6 serving of vegs/fruits….Will get back to my pre surgery diet but will add a good “grass feed” steak once a month and my scotch 4x a month (hey got to live a little)…and the wine will still flow as my urologist recommend s that I drink 2-3 glasses of Red a day most day and for me that is 3-5 times a week
When I feel like sitting I will load up some other stuff I have on this subject plus my 2 month workout for post surgery….

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I am 48 years old living in Atlanta too, and was diagnosed positive few weeks ago and am scheduled for da vinci in few months. I am very atheletic and in good health. Will greatly appreciate detailed advise on this topic and even an opportunity to talk/meet if possible, as I am local. Thanks in advance

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My doc at the 6 week first PSA since surgery meeting said I could do anything I wanted as far as working out or exercise...said your body will tell you if you can't I went snow skiing with my son in Minnesota on day 60 and had not one inkling of trouble...would not even of known I had surgery.

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what is your clinical grading? Who is your surgeon? You can reach me at bdh@bdhilton.com I check my email about every other day but I will get a hold of you if you leave me a time and number ...Yes I still need to upload the basic exercise program up…I am 3 weeks one day out from open surgery and I walked 6 miles today…best of luck and hope to talk with you soon

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I work out at the gym and was up to 40 minutes on the EFX prior to surgery and got back to 40 minutes yesterday, 30 days post DaVinci. I tried to run and I would need a bucket under me to catch all the pee (LOL). I do want to start doing core exercises and weights but will wait until the 6 week follow-up. I still have some minor pain in the gut. I raked leaves last Tuesday for about 10 minutes and it resulted in some sore stomach muscles.

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