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Did any of you ladies have continual headaches before diagnosis? I'm just searching for answers and although I've learned a lot from you ladies, but haven't found anything on headaches. I have been experiencing continual headaches for 3 weeks at a time and didn't know if this could be a hormonal thing. Also experiencing other symptoms, but this is just a weird one. My maternal grandmother died from uterine cancer at 52 during a recurrence from original dx at 32. Two maternal aunts now have the disease. My mother had a hysterectomy for a diseased uterus (not cancer). Just trying to be vigilant.
I appreciate you sharing your personal stories and allowing us all to learn from you.
Thanks in advance.

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No sorry can't say I had headaches before diagnosis. But...during chemo/radiation treatments it was more so evident due probably to the drugs.

Do you have cancer diagnosis now? Or....just your mind racing that you might have cancer? If just asking, well it could be a zillion things.

Best to you and welcome!

Cindy Bear
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My mother never complained of headaches that I remember. Not before or after diagnosis. She was diag. Stage IV uterine cancer and passed away 4 mos into taxol/carboplatin treatment. all of the pain she complained about was pretty much pelvic/abdominal/lower back/side. I don't remember any headache pain at all.

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No....never have had headaches!

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Headaches were never one of my symptoms. I was diagnosed with and treated for two kinds of uterine cancer: endometrial adenocarcinoma and UPSC (uterine papillary serous carcinoma).

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Thank you all for responding. I just wasn't sure if the headaches would be a sign of something hormonal off kilter. It may very well be due to anemia which I did have (it had depleted my body's supply of b12 as well). I had been taking repliva but stopped after several months...it did help my blood counts but my constipation sure didn't appreciate it. The massive bleeding I have during my cycles had sent my blood count down to 7. And to think I went to my PCP and told me it was because I had kids and was getting older! little ding-dong! : ) My GYN took a CBC and said we've gotta get you some iron quick!
No, Jan, I haven't been diagnosed with cancer. I have been having problems for two years now and I'm just at the end of my rope. Like I said, I've been told I'm getting older, have kids, etc. They did find a mass in the uterus. The sonographer said possible adenomyosis, which the dr. said, no probably not. Then they referred to them as "fibroids" which started popping up every where and every three months they would say, come back in 3 months and we'll take another look (even though the ovarian cysts didn't go away and the "fibroids" kept doubling in size.) So I just gave up and quit going.
My periods are extremely heavy and come often twice a month...for instance I bleed through within 30 min for several days so I have to have a "double defense" system (if you know what I mean). I also have lots of clear vaginal discharge, sometimes slightly bloody. I also feel heavy pressure in the rectal area during intercourse. So, anyway, you can tell I've just about had it. Then the headaches started and I'm gaining weight like crazy to where I can't even snap my jeans on anymore!! yuk!
But a friend told me to try Advil instead of Tylenol for the headaches (I was taking up to 10 a day) and it seemed to help today so I guess I'll just keep trying that.

Thanks so much again, and I wish you all the best with your recovery!! Sorry, I didn't mean to write a novel! Sometimes I get on a soapbox and can't get off!

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Akita Lover
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If your doctors are putting you off, I would definetly find another doctor to go to. It is not normal to bleed like you are...When I went to my PCP about my bleeding problems, she sent me to get an sonogram and then immediately to the GYN. Both the PCP and GYN were very fast to refer me to the next doctor who could help me...

I wish you good thoughts that is something simple, but please go get another opinion from a doctor who will help you now, not in another 3-6 months.

I think it is horrible that so many doctors don't go the extra mile to help their patients immediately.


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YES i have them very badly all the time i was told i had the cancer on march 22nd 2010 so last month but i have had bad Headaches for the past 5 years and turly that is when all the bleeding cramps and clots started for me it was hard to know if the Headaches was all apart of this or not since my mom and her mom before her sufferd nasty Headaches how ever mine didnt fully start until the bleeding started and they picked up badly the more i am in pain in my womb area the stronger the Headaches seem to be my husbands aunt is 13 years cancer free but she told me she to had bad Headaches caused by the cancer that

she no longer has them since shes cancer free . so i think that yes with this cancer you can get Headaches but i think each woman is diffrent alot of woman report NO they dont and some report yes they do so it all depends on the woman i think i dont no i this has helped

but i thought i would share with you.

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Thank you all again for responding. I have scheduled my yearly exam so I will disuss this further at that time with the dr. I really appreciate you sharing your stories.

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