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scan not good CEA up from 12 -16 what to do?

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CT scan did show groweth CEA is up from 12 -16, I need some ideas is radioology something I should consider I know a lot of you have been thru all of this I have been on the chemo over a year now. my other blood work is good just dont know which way to go with this now


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What is your doctor suggesting? If it is liver mets, a few on here have done SirSpheres/Theraspheres. A gal on the Colon Club, CindyZ, her husband also had SirSpheres and she is very willing to pm, e-mail, or whatever about the procedure. George has never had radiation, yet. If you are eligible for radiation then I would certainly check it out. If it is liver, is resection possible? Looking at your bio I'm thinking you are talking maybe about lung mets. Craig (Sundance) has experience with that and Luv3Jay just had her second lung resection. Those 2 might be able to give you more direction. If they don't see you post, send them a pm. Take care - Tina

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I've had sterotactic rads to the liver and about to do the same with the lungs. I also had external beam rads to the celiac lymph nodes.

Can you give us more info about your situation? What exactly did the scan show?

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The scan showed little groweth millemeter or centemeter I am not good with the measurements the CEA went from 12 -16 which it was stayng between 10-12. My other blood work is good. I have been on chemo since Jan 09 every other week I get avastion.
campcasare'lukavoren and take the pump home with 5FU excuse the spelling on the meds. it is stage 4 with mets to the lung but the one in lung has shrank,
Thanks for any info I guess I am really bad about the info bit until now I was trying to put it out of my mind until chemo week now I know it is time for me to fight

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