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Paula G.
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Well it's time again. John is having a CT scan on Thursday and we will see the Onc on Friday. His CEA has gone up a little so this worries me. I think I stress more about the scans than he does.

The Onc cut his Xeloda back to three pills in the moring and three at night. He seems to have done better on this dose. His hands and feets were pretty bad.He has a hard time bending his fingers by the end of the cycle.

I just hope it is killing the cancer or at least keeping it stable.
Thanks to all of you for listening to me. It does help getting it out. You all have helped me so much and I appreciate it.
I will post after we see the Doc.
It worked out that our son is flying in on Thursday the day of the scan and will leave Saturday. So we will all be going to the doctor together. And as always best to all of you guys. Paula

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Try not to worry too much. There is nothing at all you can do about the outcome of scans. George is on a similar chemo to your husband only he gets 5FU, via IV, once a week and Avastin every other week. Glad your son is flying in, it is always nice to have them visit when they live out of state. Where does he live? Our daughter lives in downtown Chicago and we are in Michigan so she comes to visit often, either flies in or makes the 4 hour drive (each way).

Keeping fingers and toes crossed for a good report.


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and the worrying over scan/test/biopsy results only adds to the stress. Its as hard on the caregiver as it is on the care-receiver.Hoping John's results are good news, Paula.....steve

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Paula G.
Posts: 596
Joined: Apr 2009

You are right about worry but I still do it. Our Son and his wife and our three grand-daughters live in North Las Vegas. Not by choice he was transfered there. They have adjusted but we haven't LOL. We wish we could see them more. Thanks for the reply. Paula

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Hi Paula,

Here's hoping for great news from the scan! You + your husband are in my thoughts.

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I will be praying for you and your husband that good comes from the scan...

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My prayers are with you and John. I know how difficult the waiting is. The true cancer secret...waiting. Wait for the doc, wait for the scans, wait for the results, wait for the other shoe to drop....

Let's plan for a good outcome. Your son coming in has to be a good omen!

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.

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I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. Waiting sucks, doesn't it?!

Kimby- just wanted to add to you that you are very inspirational to me & I love your signature "outwit. outplay. outlast"- Yeah!!


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Paula G.
Posts: 596
Joined: Apr 2009

Thanks guys,
It is just as you said Kimby. The waiting does suck and I catch myself starting to do things around the house and then the darn thought of the scan and cancer creeps in. It takes me so long to get things done when it's scan time.
I love the "outwit, outlast,outplay" also.....

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I hope John's scans come out awesome! I just had mine yesterday, and wont know anything till I meet my new onc next week, the 24th, so this will be an interesting visit. My other onc moved, and someone on her team has taken my case. I wonder how he'll be. But my prayers are always with you both, and let him know we'll see him on the board when he's able to type! are his fingers better? Don't worry about things yet to come, just send positive energies and know he's going to have good scans, the chemo is killing the tumors, keep the hope going...I know easier said then done, but just keep that mind focused on sunshine for now! ;)


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