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New to the Board......questions questions.....

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Hi last month I was dx with anal cancer. Two days ago I had a port put in and a lymp node
in my grion aera removed to be biopsied.The drs. say I will be wearing a fannie pack with the chemo drip in the begining and at the end of treatment.6 weeks of radaition.I have been all over the internet and found you.All of this has been very confusing. The more info I get the more confused I am.

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Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to our group. When I was Dx'd in 2008, like you I spent a lot of hours doing my "research". I found SOME information to be helpful, but didn't really qet a lot of answers to my "questions". That is the beauty of this site. There are members in different stages of treatment, beginning, midst, finishing and trying to put it behind them. To hear from people who have actually "walked the walk" is so very valuable. There is nothing that you should feel uncomfortable asking. The purpose of this site is to offer support, encouragement, knowledge and plain truths.

I hope that your treatment will be swift, with minimal discomfort and most important... totally successful.

Best regards,

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Welcome to the board. I'm sorry you have to use it. But this is great place to compare. I have completed the same treatment you will be going through, if its the 5FU 96 hour drip on the 1st and 5th week, along with an infusion of mytomicin on the 1st day of your chemo. Also I had 30 radiation zaps. This is the standard treatment for anal cancer. The Dr. that found this treatment is Dr. Nigro some years back. This is a curable cancer. I completed treatment on 6-30-09 and I am so far showing no evidence of decease (NED). Make sure you ask your dr. about any side effects from chemo and radiation. They have meds for anything you need. I developed mouth sores from the chemo on the 1st round, but they have medicine to prevent and cure that. Also nausea medicine from chemo. I only took the med 1 or 2 times. Not everybody has the same side effects. Like Joanne said ask any ?s you want, for we have all been through this. You may also register at the rare cancer alliance web site, there are many anal cancer survivors there. You have to register and it takes about 24 hours to get your log on. I wish you well.


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I'm very glad you've found this forum, however, sorry for the circumstances that brought you here. We are all in the same boat, however, just in different phases of this disease. There are many here who will be willing to share their knowledge and experience with you so that your journey will be made easier. I am now 18 months out of treatment and I had no one to give me advice when I was going through it and so wish I had found a place like this for support. But you are here and we are here and together we can get you through this! You just need to speak up and ask for what you need. As Lori suggested, google Rare Cancer Alliance and you will find another great forum for anal cancer survivors. When will you begin your treatment? Please update us and stay with us through your journey so we can give you all the support you need. I wish you the very best!

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Yes, Sometimes the more information you have the more questions you have. However, I'm a strong proponent of doing your homework. Do not expect doctors to spend alot of time explaining, although my radiation onc was wonderful. Go to several web sites: a few to consider, American Cancer Society, National Cancer Coalition Network (??) or NCCN, Mayo Clinic, eMedicine, MedPlus (research). Read the treatment guidelines availalbe on NCCN so you know what to expect and do this now b4 treatment begins. I had Stage I with no lymph nodes involved and no metastisis (NOMO). Treatment ended in May09, doing well. Nausea tolerable with meds (there are a ton of different options...so ask for something else if your current med isn't working. You'll most likely be tired...rest and make time for daily skin care. I used domboro soaks which were wonderful along with silverdine cream, moisture cream and sitz or warm water baths.

You'll be fine. Just ask your questions, many here to help. I too recommend the rare cancer alliance website. Good/active discussions boards there.


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