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Stomach cancer with mets to liver, ovaries, pancreas and peritoneum

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Dear all,

my mother got diagnosed with stomach cancer IV september 2009. However, she had 75% of her stomach removed in March 2009, and the doctors told her that it was corrosive ulcer. She had bilrot II then. She kept losing weight and felt tired overall and went back to another hospital for a totala check up. There she was diagnosed and they were planning a great operation, where they wanted to remove part of her pancreas, whole stomach, her galbladder and probably ovaries. They totally opened her abdomen, however once they discovered that there are mets on intestines they just closed her back. She had two rounds of chemo, and was feeling better as she started feeling taste of the food and some hunger. Just couple of days ago on March 11, they put J-tube because she could not eat or drink. When i went home in December she was down to around 80 pounds, now she is 70 pounds. Are there any advices. She is in a lot of pain. Only 45 years old. I am not even there to support her, since she is receiving treatment back in Uzbekistan, where i am from. Please help with some advices as of how to help her gain weight again and stay positive.


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