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Stage IV Melanoma Survivor

caring spouse
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My husband was diagnosed in Aug.2006.He is now in stable condition.I cannot give enough praise for the wonderful support of prayers that were sent up by friends and family.Also the outstanding care he has and is still receiving at the Hillman Cancer Ctr.in Pittsburgh,Pa.He lost a kidney due to a cancerous tumor.A biospy was performed on his lungs
(an x-ray showed a shadow)it was cancer also.None of this showed up on a PET scan.CT scans
show numerous nodules in the chest and abdomen.He has these tests perfomed every 3 months.
When he was first diagnosed,he took 10 treatments of Carboplatin and Taxol-every 21 days.That was followed by 2 yrs.of a study drug.In Dec.of 2009,we found out the cancer had moved to the brain.That requires a brain scan every 3 months.He has had Gamma Knife surgery done 3 times since then for tumors in the brain.I am happy to say he is now stable and flying solo,taking no cancer drugs.Praise God!He had to go on a seizure med.from the brain surgery(very low-dose)and takes meds.for neuropothy,a side effect of the chemo.We are so blessed that he has survived and is doing so well.Dr.John Kirkwood and his colleagues have been a God-send.The absolute BEST!!We still dread the not knowing that each scan brings,but we are calm in knowing that there is hope and that one day there will be a cure for cancer.God bless all who are fighting the fight and their families.

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Thanks for sharing your story! I am so happy for your husband and you!! Sending you both best wishes.

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