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Has anyone taken Zometa and had problems with it?

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My Husband gets the Zometa in his Medi Port once a month.. What would you like to know??
I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have ..

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I take Zometa. I have breast cancer with mets to bones. I get the zometa every 4 weeks through my port. I have not had any problems from the zometa at all. I do feel a little achy for a couple days after treatment, but nothing major. What info do you need.

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I have been on zometa for a year now and have had no problems.

Jaw necrosis can be a problem for a few, so avoid major dental surgery but do make sure that you have good dental hygiene and regular dental exams with cleaning. Also, always tell your dentist that you are on zometa. The ADA has some specific recommendations: http://www.ada.org/2892.aspx?currentTab=2

The kidneys can be hit hard by zometa, so most clinicians will check your creatinine (blood test) before each infusion and will infuse saline first to ensure that you are well hydrated as dehydration could make things worse.

As I said before, I have not had either problem and have not noticed any side effects.

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