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my mommy just got a third surgery where they put a tube

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My mother has stage 4 stomach cancer. During her first surgery they removed 75% of her stomach. The surgery was performed with mistakes and with no follow up chemo or radiation. So the cancer kept spreading and she had canceramotosis (cancer on her intestine linings) and her peritoneum. The second surgery did not give any results, so they basically opened her up and closed again. She receieved two heavy chemos and after that could not eat. In four days they performed a third surgery where they insert a tube so that we can feed her through it. Has anyone had this done? Will it be possible to receive chemo after this? She is now 70 pounds, what should we do with her diet? I hope that someone can answer these questions, my mother is only 45. Thank you!

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Hi Shaka,
Oh I am so sorry that you and your mom are having to go through this. I recently lost my dad to esophageal cancer/liver cancer. Go to the esophageal cancer discussion board a lot of them had to have feeding tubes. They will be able to help you. Oh my gosh your poor mom is only 70 lbs, she has got to gain weight in order to go on with this battle. The feeding tube will help. Keep in touch.

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I believe there are quite a few people on this board had tube during treatment. You may also discuss with doctor to install a PICC line to feed her nutrition directly into blood and see if this will help your mom to maintain her weight.

Your mom will be in my prayer!

God bless!

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