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Does Your CSN Name Have a Special Meaning????

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Since I changed my photo I have had several comments that Hunters is not idle by looking at all those deer on the wall. I decided it would be great to know if ya'll had a story behind your name. I will share mine.

We have owned and operated a landscaping business for many years. It is called "HUNTERS OUTDOOR SERVICES, INC.".... and yes, "HUNTERS" was chosen because my husband IS such an avid hunter. When I was DX with CC the business had to be put on hold so I could put all my attention on dealing with this. Therefor the business became "idle"...thus "idlehunters" We closed the business for good this year. More important things in life now.

tell us your story!!!


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Welcome. Hang around and help us out and we will return the favor.


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Welcome, dirtyshirt! Your story was really cute; I really like the part where you opened up the company with dirtyshirt in the name! A sense of humour takes us far in life.

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Having been "in the business" I can fully understand your story. Sorry it happened to you, but I applaud your ability to get past the pettiness.

Welcome to this board and best wishes for sustained good health.


tiny one
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My CSN name Tiny One describes me. I am only 4 ft 11 inches tall and weigh about 90 pounds. I have been little all my life. I reached my lowest weight and looked to thin after my resection. Slowly I put back a little weight on, but am thinner than before surgery. I will be 52 years old this July. My name is Cathy

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Years ago I was one of those fools who stood in line to buy beanie babies. My husband would always tell me I've lost it, as in I've lost my mind. So I've used lostit for years and add the 2003 when plain old lostit won't work. I have to use the same name everywhere because I would never remember more that one LOL.


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Couldn't think of anything fancy at the time, but since it was the 2nd diagnosis I just put colon2. If it comes back again, i may have to change it to 3

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When the last of our three daughters left the house, yes we started our family very early, my wife and I decided to hit the road. She is a registered nurse and since we both love to travel we decided that she would hire on as a traveling nurse. I left my job, we put the house on the market, and took off for phoenix, AZ. are first assignment. I have wanted to try my hand at writing and thought this would be a great oppourtunity. I would write and take care of cooking, cleaning, etc.. she would work as a nurse and on her days off we would explore our new surroundings. Part of writing is practice, the more you write the easier it becomes. I came up with the idea after one of our drivng adventures that part of my practice would be done by keeping our family and friends up to date on what we were doing. By the way if anyone is familiar with ice box canyon just outside of Globe, AZ. I would love to hear what you thought of the road leading to the "park" but that is another story. I decided to use a penname and because when I was in my thirties the greyhairs were already showing up in my beard, and I have always been in love with the ocean, I picked Greybeard. Now when I say ocean I dont mean the beach I mean the ocean. There is no prettier sight then a sunset in the Indian Ocean when your ship is anchored and the water is so calm it literaly looks as if you could walk across it like a sheet of ice. Or the dolphins playing in the wake you leave...ah dont get me started. Well during the last two weeks we were in phoenix, we had already taken our next assignment which was in Alaska, I was diagnosed.
Since then I have used the name Greybeard as my alter ego so to speak. He is my cancer pirate. He has his own flag now, and it flies just below a red flag. In the days of Piracy flying a red flag meant no quarters were to be given, in other words the ship or crew that was under attack would not be spared. That red flag serves as a warning to all those cancer cells, he finds them and he Kills them! the 64 is the year I was born like I said we started early. My wife and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year we have three daughters 4 grandkids and another due in Oct. and we are 45, 46 this year! And that is the story of Greybeard.

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Nana b
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Grandma to 11.........I'm NANA!



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I have so enjoyed reading all of the post here. Its great getting to know all of you a little better. Mine is not so exciting as all of yours. DO stands for Deportation Officer, I was promoted in 2003, thus being a rookie that year = dorookie. When I was again promoted in 2008, I started going by SDDOrookie (Supervisory detention and deportation officer) but it just didnt stick, so I am dorookie forever...


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Hi all. My name stands for drummer girl; I play drums. 47 is the year I was born.

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Dull - first initial, middle initial, first 3 letters of my last name. But it sounds strange!

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Mine comes from Ann my middle name and 2008 the year I was dx'd and began this journey. Not too much imagination, but like others something my chemo brain can remember.
The boys in my pic are my twin grandsons ages 3 on their first fishing trip. They learned to cast and spent hours (literally) just casting and reeling in. It was a great memory day.

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Your grandsons are adorable! Enjoy!

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I was in a motorcycle accident back in '87 and lost part of my right foot and big toe. So, I have been using ninetoes ever since.


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Nana b
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Maybe we should update this with the newbies.

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I'll go next.I like this, thank's for starting it up again Raquel. Mine is just kind of mushy. After a divorce from a not so nice man, all I wanted was some plh4gail...peace love and happiness.


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love to read about everyone!! Mukamom came from my son..when he was younger, he was into the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards and there was one character named muka muka. For some reason, he started calling me muka instead of mom. It stuck so well, his friends called me muka. When I got a computer and needed log in name, mukamom became the name of choice.. He's 19 now and still calls me muka.


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Some years ago this was the State slogan here in Pennyslyvania so I just shortened it a bit and turned it into "FriendinPenn"

I get off my 5Fu pump later today and hope to enjoy my snow covered little cabin with a crackling fire inside in the north woods of my beloved Pennsylvania!

Wish you could join me and celebrate life and leave all of our troubles in the vast surrounding woods...that's what I do when I feel up to it...

Bless you

Your "FriendinPenn"

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Life is a journey just reflected how I was feeling and have learned to understand that is what life is really. We are all having a journey, long or short and each of us have a story to tell, good or bad. Glad someone started this thread again, it was interesting to go back and read the stories..Thanks, Pat

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It's my middle daughters middle name Brae and the end of her name. Kaylee (Braelee)

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It is so nice to laugh again with Eric's comments.... and feel Donna's excitment..... and all the others we seldom hear from. Good holiday feeling!!!


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I am a sound engineer that is THX certified. Nothing real exciting about my nic.

I Love what I do for my business, and am anxious to being well enough to get back to work. I have a couple of engineering jobs thrown at me because I have a lot of friends in business. I have an understanding and compassionate wife and I am very blessed.

Best Always, mike

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My name is derived from the book of Job. Ketziah was the daughter of Job. The nickname of Ketziah is Kizzy. She was the daughter of Kunta Kente of the book Roots by Alex Haley. I was originally to be after Kizzy. She went through some chit in the book and I was in engineering at let's say a large educational institution in the Appalachian mountains so I could relate a bit. It was crazy for awhile. Not the greatest environment for an African American female that listened to classical music, but my engineering education was great lol!

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What good memories. I haven't thought of that name in years. I had a short, but very meaningful relationship with a girl named Kizzy when I was in college. She went to ASU, I went to Annapolis so things weren't stacked in our favor. Her name was Kizzy, she didn't know the meaning of her name, I asked. She was half Navajo and half Hutu. I always assumed it was african in origin. Now I know. Thanks


that is my first two initials and my last name. John T Nimmons

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Ketziah Keziah Cassia all the same to mean cinnamin.

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I couldn't use GammyO (it was taken). I'm sure you can guess what it is for. I have three beautiful grandchildren that call me Gammy and the O is for my last name Olivier.

This was a wonderful thread! As bad as I feel, I sure enjoyed it.



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Daffodil was one of our basset hounds that we've had over the years. She was the happiest dog I've ever seen and her tail never stopped wagging. She loved everyone she met, both people and other dogs. She passed away at age 14 a few years ago, but it always makes me happy to think of her, so I used her name. 324 is my birthday--March 24.

(The basset in my avatar is not Daffodil--it's Buddy, who was my wonderful agility basset hound. Buddy and I had so much fun in agility and he amazed a lot of people with what he could do! We lost him to cancer just over a year ago. We have one basset right now, our Lulu who loves belly rubs and anything to eat.)


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Kenny H.
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Another name person here.....The H stands for Holmes.

On all the fishing msg boards I hit I go by the handle "Bluffer" didnt feel like using the same one in here.

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462 is the job classification I had when I was in the Air Force. It stands for Aircraft Armament System Specialist (fancy name for bomb loader)and lt are my initials.

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Looking at the date this is when I was absent from the board for awhile so I never responded. Guess never knew it was on here until it was pulled up from the past just now. Mine has several meanings. Ann was my grandmother's name, but they always called her Annabelle and I loved her to pieces and loved that name. I always called my daughter Annabelle even though that wasn't her name, but she always answered to it when I called her that (too funny). When I joined Pogo.com (game site) I was 41 years old so I wanted my screen name to be Annabelle41 however that was taken (I really doubted that) so they suggested adding 415 to the Annabelle41, so therefore I became Annabelle41415 - a/k/a Kim.



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