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One Positive to Eligard/Hot Flashes- Finally!

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I just figured out the one blessing connected to being on Eligard and having hot flashes and here it is:

No colds! I figure it out today and it works like this. A hot flash feels like a mid grade fever- about 100- 101 degrees when it first hits about 15- 20 times a day. If I do pick up any cold germs, about the time they are about ready to get up and make a demonstration, BANG! my system hits 'em with a nice mid-grade fever and they all get killed or knocked down pretty low.

Finally- a positive to all this!!

Scientific? Sure, why not?

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I was given a lupron shot about 96 days ago. I was going to undergo brachy and they wanted to reduce the size of my prostate even though it was only 26cc. My symptoms were mild, few night sweats and a few hot flashes prior to surgery.

I decided to get my prostate removed 16 days ago and the hot flashes increased to non stop.
I am flashing all day and night sweats all night long.

I did some research on menopause and been on black cohosh extract for the past 3 days.
I take 4 per day and it seems to help keep them under control. I still get a few but they do not last as long and do not seem as strong.
I have no idea how long it takes to get a 90 day lupron shot out of my system.
My flashes are just like a 100-101 degree fever. I get really cold then super hot.
You can get the Black Cohosh extract at walmart for about 5$ per 100 pills.

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I went to look it up, and hit the herb list at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Excellent resource!

I checked out a couple of other things while I was there. They also have flaxseed listed as relieving menopausal symptoms, with the added benefit of possibly having a positive effect against prostate cancer.

Has anyone tried measuring their body temperature during hot flashes? I'm curious now to see if you really get hot or if it just feels that way, because I frequently get the hot then cold thing.

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My temp does not go up at all.
I am at the end of day 3 on Black Cohosh and it appears to be working.
I freeze other times either right before or right after..then i feel foggy for a few minutes.

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Erisian, My wife tells me my forehead doesnot feel feverish when I get a hot flash, but I certainly feel hot. I have not thought of trying to take my temp durng a flash, but I don't think an old fashion temp thermometer would be able to catch it.

I posted a question RE the use of soy products. I know soy produces an estrogen that for us on the shot may not be a good thing.

So I now need to look up Black Cohash and see if that will work for me. Thanks for the link.

The rages on, or should I say flashes on....

For the record: I hate eligard. I do like being alive.

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now that's a positive outlook! when i think of us "battling cancer" this is what i think of...a battle that is waged with a upbeat positive attitude. good luck to you.

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