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Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posts: 13
Joined: Feb 2010

Not many people know that you can drink HP,but you can as I do . MY brother contacted Pulmanary Fibrosis, a death sentence. He couldn't get to his mail box with out resting along the way, 50 yards, he couldn't up the stairs to his home. I sent hem a quart of 35% food grade HP . I sent him a copy of The One Minute Cure, its about the miraculas cures of Hydrogen Peroxide. I downloaded my book from the net. My brother has been using the HP drops for about 7 mo's and now can get to his mailbox and up the stairs. He calls me and tells me of the energys he now has and calls HP a miracle as his Dr thinks that too. When I drink a glass of water, bottles water, I put 10 drops of Hp in my water, preventive! James

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Thanks for the info and I, for sure! will be googling that. Why not?

Along with nutrition, supplements, good life style and all that.

Do you also supplement with Vit D3? Just wondering.

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I have just finished reading one minute cure book and searched for HP solution as recommended by the book. The Cancer Society says not to drink it as it is toxic. I don't know what to do, I am a cancer survivor who wants to maintain my health and would like to hear from people who use HP in their drink. Thanks, Frank.

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