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Vaginal bleeding after trachelectomy

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I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 12-2009, during that time i had a radical trachelectomy (removal of my whole cervix). I am now post-op and able to have intercourse with my husband again. After the few times we have had intercourse, I have dark or bright red blood for days after. I just saw my Gyno on Tues and she thinks that it is because the cells inside are different than on the cervix, so when we have intercourse it is irritating cells that normally don't get touched because of your cervix in place. She told me that it may be this way for the rest of my life! There is not much research done as it is a very new surgery. Anyone else had this problem? I am very great-full that my cancer didn't advance anywhere else and I thank God everyday for that, but it's so frustrating knowing that it will never be the same...ugh

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your doctor is quite right, I had my surgery more than 5 years ago and I still have bleeding every time I have sex. It's not for few days as it was at the beginning and it stops right after but it is there. I tried several doctors and all of them tell there is nothing they can do. Just stop worrying and enjoy your sex life :)

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Hi girls -- 18 month post-trachelectomy here!

I had a similar issue with post-coital bleeding at first -- but was told that it is due to "fresh-ish" wound and possible mechanical trauma to scar tissue. Tested it out with a, well, lets call it "dilator", and indeed, if pushed beyond a certain point, it did bleed. Was told to take "blastoestimulina" -- a suppository that is often given to women post-birth here in Spain, to help with healing. Not sure if it improved my scarring -- but got me back to the normal "wetness"!

About 12-15 weeks post-op started spotting in my "ovulation period". It was really nasty, dark brown discharge continuing straight up to my period!!! It was like having a period for 21 days out of the months! Was really freaking out, had a kazillion tests, proved to be nothing. Was told to go onto a lighter pill for a while (chose Yasminelle) -- did miracles! In a month time -- no spotting, no bleeding, no nothing! Went on Diane a month ago -- and light spotting on day 7 and thats is.

Also, while still in my post-coital bleeding stage, I sometimes bled from my vagina when I pooped. But that too was due to healing process. The thing to understand here is that during operation the things are removed, rotated, misplaced, put together, and even though you can "officially" have an intercourse, it DOES NOT mean that you've healed completely, and that your body needs to adjust internally. And sweets, Cervical-Survivor -- I so much understand and can relate to your frustration! It seemed to me I got every possible side effect when it was happening -- including some post-op anecdotes, pulled stitches, inflamation after first set of intercourses -- you name it! But I can honestly say that it is only about a year post-op that things started to be getting back to normal!

As there are so few of us post-trachelectomy, and I hope you don't find it too forward, but I would like us to keep in touch!

Hope you are doing well, and -- try not to worry -- stress hormones are not good for the healing process!

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Hey girls! 

first off, I have to say I am so happy for this discussion board. It calms so many of my fears. I've been reading what experiences you girls have and I have similair ones as well. I do have a few questions that I don't yet want to bother my doctor with. First, I'll say a bit about myself. 

I'm 23 years old and last September I was diagnosed with stage IIb cervical cancer. I had 3 sessions of chemotherapy in one month (this was in October). Then I had a laparascopic operation to check and make sure that nothing ventured into different areas. Thanks to science and my body, it didn't, so I had a trachelectomy. 3 more chemotherapies, yet not in such a short and intense time. It was more spread out. So I had my operations in November. I still have pain where the cysts and bubbles are. These are still leftover from the operation but how long (if you girls had it) did it last? What other  henges or pains did you experience?

thanks for the help and comments beforehand!


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Geesh, forgot to write the best part. Things have not been the same for me ever since the operation. For one reason or another, I went mega-multiorgasmic. I mean, 5 times a go has become a norm!!!

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i just posted a new discussion on this- I have recently, 4 years post trachelectomy, started to bleed with intercourse- both during and for a few days after. My doctor said I have one area of scar tissue that keeps bleeding- she cauterized it twice and it did not resolve the issue. No one told me this was a possible complication. And she says there is nothing she can do about it- either I deal with the bleeding or get a hysterectomy- neither of those are good options- I am single, 37, no kids and bleeding with intercourse is a big deal when you start off in a new relatinship. Right now I am trying hormonal suppositories and vitamin E vaginal suppositories, and high dose vitamin C (as recommended by a naturopathic dr I see) in hopes it will heal the tissue. Have you had any progress since your last post? I didn't bleed prior to this point so it is confusing and frustrating.

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