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Low Cost For ED

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My doc has me on Cialis, but my ins. won't make the pay out at $80 for three pills. All I have is some samples that I am breaking into 1/4's and take every other day. I am post Di-Vinci on 01/26. Any suggestions?

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Try all day chemist on the web. Great quality and pretty fast. They are shipped out of India but numerous guys on here use them and are Great.

Just google it. They are Generics but work! If you don't know the generic names let us know and will supply.


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I have 2 different prescriptions for cialis.

I get 30 tabs of 5mg (daily dose) cialis for $120 from Walgreems (discount program) -- that's $4 a tab. I can also get 90 tabs of 20mg (36 hour) cialis for about $480 from Kaiser w/no HMO discount -- that's $5.33 a tab.

So, I can't imagine why you'd have to pay over $26 per tab (whether 5 or 20 mg) or why you'd need to resort to an on a foreign provider (which doesn't sell the "real" cialis tabs -- only a generic copies) to get a fair price on cialis medication.

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I live in Indianapolis, my insurance will not cover ED drugs, and the real cost of Viagra here is from a low of $16.76 to as much as $27.++ PER PILL. I had no choice but to go to overseas generics. I am using them and they are working fine at about $2.13 per pill.


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