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Unusual cancer

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My wife was diagnosed with lung cancer in August of 2005 just short of our 55 wedding anniversary passed away after a long battle April of 2009, I was diagnosed with a rather rare cancer sinus in January of 2007 that spread. After radiation to head area working around eye, hearing and brain involving a hard mask and five surgeries including removal of good eye - not enough bone left to support eye.
Also loss half of inside mouth and was blessed to have a very talented dentist specializing in prosthesis whom built a very great one as with out it in place can not drink, eat or talk. Had excellent treatment with new radiation machine and one of two surgeons in state that will operate on this cancer.

Three months ago was told cancer is in remission
I will gladly offer input of my experience including what some might consider mistakes in judgment by medical people but I do not

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Hi there last year my mum was diagnosed with invasive melanoma in her sphenoid and ethmoid sinus just curious if your's was the same. ..Mum had debulking surgery followed by radiation, the original tumour was resolved but a new one has grown. The ENT does not want to do surgery as he said it will grow back.. so therefore mum just had her first round of dacarbazine today and will have another roung in 3 weeks time. Can you let me know more about your experience. I pray everyday that this will stop growing. I thank you for any help.



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hello ,
Bigbear, my mom has a rare sinus cancer that sounds just like yours. Please tell me about your cancer. We are terrified!!!

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