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Introduction and a few questions

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Hello everyone,

I am so relieved to find this discussion board. I have been trying to find something like this for several days.

My mother (who is 57) has JUST been diagnosed with stomach cancer. We don't even know what stage or type of cancer it is yet (we should be finding out soon).

I would love to know if any of you can recommend any books, articles or websites that are especially useful. It seems like I can find lots of things on "cancer" in general, and very little on stomach cancer specifically.

Also, I would be interested in corresponding with others who are helping to support family members with this disease. I know that's kind of a general request, but I know I'm going to need support in this and I know I have so much to learn. If you would be interested, please send me a PM.

Now I'm off to read more on this site...


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This is the best book about stomach cancer and probably the only one you need about stomach cancer. Short but very updated and very informative, it covers everything about stomach cancer!

Good luck with your mom's treatment!


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I'm new to the ACS discussion board (so I'm not exactly sure how to PM you), but I've been doing loads of online research and can provide some quick resources - books and sites I've found helpful:
- spontaneous healing by dr. weil
- integrative oncology by dr. weil
- life over cancer by. dr. block
- cancer fighting cookbook

I've also found the cancercompass.com discussion board helpful as well as everythingchangesbook.com
You can also check out pubmed.gov regarding articles relating to research on all types of clinical trials. You can also check out sloan kettering's integrative oncology webpage which has an excellent directory regarding herbs and complementary medicine.

My mom (58 yrs old) has advanced stomach ca met to neck through the lymph node, but after 6 cycles of chemo the tumor in her neck is no longer detectable! Now we're at the wait and watch stage. Our doctor is still not recommending surgery since the tumor is still stable in the stomach and there may be still some cancerous cells in the neck.

Anyway, I'd be happy to correspond with you. Remember, never give up hope, never stop advocating for your mom, and stay strong :)

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