Finished with treatment..TIRED

Hi all. My last day of treatment was January 22. I had 5 weeks of low dose chemo, 40 external and 5 internal treatments..over the duration of 3 months because of holidays and I was really sick for about 3 weeks throwing up daily. Anyway I had my first followup with my surgeon oncologist and he scheduled me for a PET/CT scan on the 23rd. He didn't do a full pelvic exam the other day he said because things are still healing. But what he saw the tumor on my cervix is gone and that I had responded really well to the radiation.
Anyway my question is I was under the impression that I would be getting better and slowly getting my strength back. Just over the past 2 days I have been toooooo tired to drag myself outta bed. My sleeping patterns haven't changed much, besides I'm not getting a nap in the afternoon anymore. I just feel like heck really tired in the morning, I hear my daughter crying to get her out of her crib but I can't get out of bed then I fall back to sleep all the while my daughter is crying and I just think I'm "dreaming"
For some reason I can't stop thinking that maybe something is wrong and thats why I'm tired even more now.
Thank you to all who read :)


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    You just finished treatments
    Hi Lovemybabies,

    You've been through a lot and just finished treatments. It's going to take some time for the fatigue to go away, especially since you had 40 external radiation treatments and five brachy. You'll start to see some improvement when you hit the three month mark. I finished my treatments on December 19th and I don't experience fatigue anymore. However, I only had 28 external and two internal so my radiation exposure was less and therefore might return to normal sooner. Anyway, everyone is different, but if you're really concerned about the fatigue, please call your doctor and discuss the symptoms with him/her. My first pet scan is scheduled for the 23rd as well. I hope that your scan will be negative and you continue to do well. Take care.