genetic link?

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My sister, age 54 and 5 years younger, was just diagnosed with Hurthle Cell. She had the flu and her doctor found her thyroid enlarged during an exam. The nodule on the right lobe tested positive from the FNA biopsy. She will have her surgery March 23. She has been on Synthroid for a few years for Hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed and treated for Hurthle Cell last summer/fall.

Does anyone have any knowledge of a genetic link for thyroid cancer? or have any relatives who have also had it?



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    yes, genetic link happen
    Hi Pat. Please read the comments posted under the heading "Should family members and children be tested" This talks about the links.

    According to my Surgeon, he has seen about 20 different large families who had cancer thoughout them during his career. (Mine being one of them)