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POEM: " OUR JOURNEY WITH CANCER " ( husband & wife both have cancer )

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Does anyone know, Does anyone care,
that every feeling inside me is screaming in despair....

I try to be strong as the day goes on,
Try to keep it right, hold on tight,
all thru the long and tiring night...

Cancer is a nightmare that won't go away,
Call from the Dr. saying you need chemo right away,
The saying is that time heals all,
We must continue the fight, never to fall....

Trying to be strong, husband is to,
Both growing sick and tired,
God what is the answer, what can we do...

Why both of us, God has a plan,
Always together, one woman, one man,
Many days so Great, these dark days are few,
But Lord, they seem so long, help us make it thru,
What else can we do....

We must Both stay strong, and keep up the fight,
Day after Day..Night after Night,
Both diagnosed with Cancer same week,
what a shock..Days go slowly with cancer,
Did someone stop the clock...

We have seen others suffer with cancer no doubt,
No one can see what it's really about,
You have to experience it to know the true pain,
Day and night, Again and Again....

Family and Friends love us, this we do know,
without all the love, despair would surely grow,
I tell myself each day to not be depressed,
Give it to God,in him we will be blessed....

Thankful for my blessings so many I see,
when clouded by darkness, I know God holds the key,
Thank God for our family and friends,
so much love utnil this nightmare ends....

A lesson to be learned by each mountain we climb,
Thru all the pain, thank God for mine...
These lessons teach us so much, we know,
Compassion, love, understanding of others, continue to grow....

God, I know this is your plan, by day by night,
Our job is to have patience & strength to continue the fight,
I have learned so much in my life,
Most of which came thru pain, trials and strife...

Life makes us stronger by each lesson learned,
The lesson from Cancer, so much required, a painful concern,
I know God I'm strong just as I display,
But this is a battle day after day....

One day it's treatment, next day it's pain,
Lord, help me know the rainbow is after the rain,
We each have our own way of coping, I know,
strength, patience, faith, venting, writing,
Each day, Here we go.......

In honor of loved ones who have traveled this road before,
God, I only thougth I understood, I wish I'd known more,
I know you were with them to help them thru,
I know if you were not with us, what would we do....

Some are still with us, some have gone on,
Forever life changes once Cancer we've known,
Cancer takes a toll on families, they suffer to,
Praying each day God will see them thru....

Cancer is a burden to hearts everyday,
The journey is painful, for strength we must pray,
God be with everyone going thru this,
Prayers for the Cure, I surely do wish....

The Springtime is coming, A beautiful time,
Traveling with my husband a favorite of mine,
He is not yet able to drive the motor home,
but God all things are possible with you on the throne....

Better days ahead, the flowers we'll see,
Waiting to hear, " You are Both Cancer Free."

Went to church yesterday, to stay, Bob was unable,
inspiration from God, couldn't find it on cable...

Husband is fighting to learn to breathe again,
God, we ask for strength and a little more wind,
I know he is suffering when he is short on air,
God give him peace, we know that you care......

He is such a good man, been thru so much,
Continues to fight, in God he still Trust,
Cancer has taken his patience, but I understand,
He is only human and a Very good Man....

I am quietly humbled as we go thru this Crap,
will end this by pondering:
Did the Devil set this Trap....

Even our dogs usually a pleasure,
Even they sense the pain no one can measure..

My humor is lacking today as I wait,
for tomorrow when once again I will go
thru Oncology Gate....

Writing is my way today to Vent, you see,
as I wait for tomorrow, it's Oncology,
Anything is pollible, even chemo, we know,
Again we will be tested as stronger we grow...

I don't mean to sound negative in anyway,
Just my way of asking for strength for today,
Writing is my way to think and unwind,
Cancer so Evil will not steal my Peace of Mind....

My husband with cancer has been thru so much,
God, we pray for healing just from your touch,
The devil can't win as ptients live with despair,
I pray everyday as Bob fights for more air...

Husband & daughters with me, to Oncology will go,
Husband walking or in wheel chair, Only God knows,
It is a long hospital walk, God, please give him air,
He is getting his strength from know you Care...

**** Sept. 22, 2009: Dorsey diagnosed with Gastric lymphoma
**** Sept. 28, 2009: Bob diagnosed with Lung Cancer

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