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stopping treatment short of remission?

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my doctor just gave me my 7th chemo and said we will stop for now. my lymph node has gone from 3" to 1". she will give me a Pet scan in 2 months to see if it is stable. WHAT? all my blood work has been very good etc. why stop now? has any one else gone thur this same thing? i have follicular NHL. isn't the idea to reduce it to nothing? it has not spread anywhere else. i am very nervous needless to say. could all this be the politics of the doctor and insurance company?

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I came down with NHL in 1986. Was treated with CVP for 6 months and went into remission until this year. All thru the 23 years of remission, some nodes would get a little bigger and some smaller. I had no treatment during those 23 years. Doctor said my immune system was taking care of it. Now my doctor feels I need medication because of the location of some of the enlarged nodes. I will be taken Rituxan for 4 weeks and pray that it will go back into remission. I bet that's what your doctor is planning on doing. He wants to see if your immune system will handle it. So what you and I need to do is find some sort of herb, vitamin or something that will help our immune system battle this disease. I posted a thread about pomegranate juice helping the immune system, but have got no replies. Good luck to both of us.

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thank you so much for your responce. i also heard about the pomegranates.

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I always ask question and always tell my wonderful Dr , it's not that I don't trust him but I want to know. I would immagine your Dr. feels you are controlling the lymphoma and he does not need to give you anymore. I would not worry. They have been treating Lymphoma for many years and your Dr. knows when to wait and watch as they call it.

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I don't know if this will help or not but when I was starting R CHOP my MD said that 6 cycles were better then 4 and 8 cycles proved to be no better then 6.So 6 it was.
Good luck,

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thank you for your comment. good health to you always.

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