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Digestive Enzymes ??

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Emily (2Bhealed) mentioned using digestive enzymes when eating meat or cooked foods and I'd like more info on that.

When I eat chicken or fish, I'm eating about 2 ounces of meats only. I do tend to have gas after eating huge amounts of some veggies so try to remember to take Beano (an enzyme) for that but I'd like to know what you're taking and where you find it.

I'm adding Citrus Rind to my ABCDE steps to health as soon as I can figure out what the best choice of Linolem (sp) is. If you have any suggestion on that, I'd appreciate it!

I know Lisa is asking too and I didn't want to hijack Scouty's thread.


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I'm curious why people feel they have to take industrial produced
concoctions to counteract other industrial produced concoctions
they're taking, when it's probably all those industrial produced
concoctions that got us to this forum in the first place....

Beano not for veggie gas

If there's a benefit from a nearly all veggie diet, and the human
body was designed to work best on a nearly all veggie diet,
why would that diet produce more gas than usual?

Could it be, that the body does best on a well-rounded diet?
Or did our design contain a flaw that needs help from an
after-market maker... like Beano Enterprises?

Just fast-food for thought.

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and they do wonders. My naturalpath just had me start taking them and it made a difference. She said since I had my gallbladder removed my liver needs some help. She has me on a whole list of things and honestly I can tell a difference in how I feel and digest my food. I also take probiotics which help. If you want I can send you my list and what everything does.

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PM coming- I'm interested in hearing more about it.


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I also had my gallbladder removed and am very interested in what you are taking

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I've had my gallbladder removed, too. I'd love to see that list!


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this evening and send it to you all. I will also include a brief description of why I take them and what brand. I need to do this anyway because my doctors all want this on hand.
I know they work because when I forget to take them I don't feel as good after eating. And it is all natural 'stuff'!

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add me to your list as well :)

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Just be sure and include disclaimers saying you are not selling anything and certainly not profiting in any way.

Good stuff and thank you!!!

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Do you mind adding one more to the list? I'm always interested in whatever works!

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.

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Well you will sure be busy tonight! Please add me to the list. Thanks - Tina

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Please add me to the list. I've also had my gall bladder removed and am interested in what your naturopath recommends.

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Kerry S
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My wife has had Crohns for 15 years on and off. She uses Beano and loves it. She just started taking probiotics and it is also doing great for her. She has to have Remicade infusion every 60 days to keep her colon from eating itself.

I think all the drugs she has to take daily screw up the normal bugs in her gut. The probiotics give her a reload.

Susie says I am a slob and have plenty of bugs in my gut. I firmly believe in the 10 second rule for food dropped on the floor. I get my bugs the natural way.

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Drinking out of the toilet doesn't hurt, either!

Seriously...... Whenever a "splint" is used, the body has a reason
to use the "splint" instead of using it's own designed resources.

Taking meds destroys the basic resources, so we occasionally
could use some help getting things back on track, but -continued-
use of any "helper" isn't any different than wearing a splint after
the bone's healed....

I guess I just have trouble understanding why so many cancer victims
who say they are afraid of toxins, chemicals, and factory-produced
"health items", would put so much faith in that same type stuff...

Oh well.

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