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healing and starting over........

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ali in oregon
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Dating......Finding a new partner after this experience is a whole new catagory I can't find on personal dating sites. I want to meet someone who has experienced cancer or has someone in their lives who understands what it's like to survive this. No one else understands. It's like an exclusive club, one you never wanted to join! Is this site a place one could meet other individuals in the same position? Is there such a thing as meeting singles in the "cancer" world?

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One place you migh meet singles is at a support group. A Cancer survivors suport group. Join a few of them and see what happens. I would think there are dating sites out there, just don't know of any. You are a cancer survivor, don't just limit yourself to people who have cancer, go out and enjoy life. Tina

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Ali -

I only know second hand what you're going through, but I can tell you what worked for my friends. They found bereavement support groups where everyone in the group had been in Cancer Land. People made friends with other people and some friends became partners - one friend has married and one has made a gentleman her constant companion - without the marriage. At least not yet. I have no information on their "intimacy" patterns.

I know in New York City that Gilda's Club has such groups, as do several hospitals. It pays to look into groups through The Wellness Center, which is now affiliated with Gilda's. Not every city has Gilda's, but they have face to face meetings under other names.

Just some input. If I find out more, I'll post again.

Good luck. There'll be someone who won't need explanations.


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