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Essential thrombocythemia and early stage of myelofibrosis

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Hello. My name is Gracie. I'm a regular visitor in the breast cancer discussion boards. However now my husband has cancer too. I'm posting in bone cancer, rather than in the rare cancer forum, in hopes of getting more responses to my questions. His diagnosis reads thus: "The differential diagnosis mainly includes essential thrombocythemia and early state of myelofibrosis".

He has his first appointment with the oncologist/hematologist on March 15th.

Today I would like to know some of the questions we should ask. Is this genetic? Should our kids get tested?

Also what kinds of tests will he need to undergo?

Thanks in advance for all your replies. God Bless you, Gracie

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Both are considered myeloprolifertive diseases and are very much related. I was diagnosed with MF in October, 2005.. Several discussion in the "Bone Cancer" discussion boards about Myelofibrosis....

Give us an update on your husband....


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