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Mother of 3 small children and TERRIFIED to get autologous stem cell transplant!!!!

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I am a 28 year-old mother/wife of 3 small children. I was diagnosed with Cutaneous Peripharel TCell Lymphoma and went through 8 rounds of CHOP chemotherapy. I went into remission quickly and stayed in remission for one year. Just recently I was told I have a recurrence and will need an autologous stem cell transplant. I am so scared I can hardly function!! I was told 50% chance it would cure me! I am looking for advise and other options. Any feedback would be so much appreciated!! Natalie

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I'm sorry, I can offer nothing regarding your cancer. My hubby has Stage IV Colorectal. There is a discussion board for Lymphoma and perhaps you can find some advise and options there. There is another board for "rare cancers" that might be of assistance. It is my understand that "Yahoo" has lots of discussion boards also. I wish you the best - Tina

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I don't know your cancer specifically and how different yours is from mine. I had non hodgkins lymphoma diagnosed in 1989 and had CHOP treatments. A year and a half later it came back and I opted for an autlolgus bone marrow transplant with stem cells. I was one of the first few who had stem a bone marrow transplant for lymphoma as prior to that they were only done for leukemia patients.

The doctors have long since considered me cured as my remission was so long past diagnosis and even at that with one recurrance to boot.

So I am here, 20 years later, to tell you that yes autologus transplants can be rough indeed - not sure how much different than when I had it - but I am not the only long term survivor of lymphoma who had a bone marrow transplant.

I wish you all the best, stay strong. I chose the transplant route instead of more CHOP as it didn't work the first time for me as I had a recurrance with CHOP and I had two young children at the time of recurrance and wanted a shot at the chance it would be a cure so I would be there for my kids. I have been.

Sending you and yours my prayers. Blessings.


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