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accadmy awards wearing blue ribons for us

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they are wearing blur ribons in support of colon cancer awareness .....

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the woman are wearing blue dress and the men who won for short film had blue ribons on their lapel's I think this is one big step for all of us...

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That's awesome!


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That's really great! I watched about half of the awards & never even noticed. Did they ever announce that what they were wearing the blue dresses and the blue ribbons for? I hope they did. That is progress!


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they said it was for cc awareness month how great is that

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Over on the colon club, there was a thread regarding the blue ribbons at the Oscars. It turns out that some guy who did a short movie on child labor (I think in India) was passing them out for his cause, child labor. The Blue is for Colon Cancer, wish somebody had told him that. Anyway, there is a link over there for it. Who knows, maybe some of them were wearing Blue for colon cancer. Tina

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Here's a link to a blog that briefly discusses it. I guess with only so many colors in the rainbow, a ribbon color is going to end up covering a lot of different causes!

Makes me wonder what other sort of advertising we could expect to see people wear at awards ceremonies....hmmmmmm.....

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