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Cancer treatment centers of america

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Has anyone been to Cancer treatment centers of America??? If so How is this center different from regular oncology centers??

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It is my understanding they are a "for profit" hospital and therefore can be very expensive. Right out of the gate I don't know if their treatment will be much different than what your local guy can give you. Some have gone there and liked it, others found them too expensive. Thats all I got - Tina

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I am looking into the one in Seattle for my husband. They do offer different treatment, including a low dose chemo that is given weekly instead of every two weeks (but finished in half the time - 3mo instead Of 6) they also offer natuopathic treatment and nutritionists. I think we may at least meet with the dr there to learn more about the chemo options there. My only concern is the whole "for profit" thing, so I'm remaining cautious. With that said, I've heard pretty good things. So, we'll see! I figure we might as well check it out while we are looking into all of our options!

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I've heard varying opinions - one guy I know had his Dad go there and he said he liked it OK. But what the other folks have said is true - they want all of you or nothing.

They are "for profit" as most cancer centers are - they do offer nutrition, acupunture, and some holistic treatments and some spiritauality I've heard advertised. They differ there from a traditional cancer center, it's all under one roof.

But, what I was saying above, is that they want all of you if you decide to go there. Their doctors and your money ONLY. I had called them one time and asked if I could do treatments where I'm at and get some of the stuff that mine did not offer - it was explained to me that since they pay for transportation and lodging, that they would not be working with outside doctors, everything must come from CCTA, lock, stock and barrel.

Having to work and the nearest center being too far away, I declined their offer and stayed with my already big city amenities and switched my practice from a private cancer clinic to one of our 2 major hospitals in the area, so I could keep treatment and still go to work.

I don't know much more than this as this was direct experience.

Best of luck with your decision.

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As with any 'for profit' center, it will be more expensive. You will want to check with your insurance to see what they will cover of those expenses.

I have not had personal experience with them, but have heard from others that they put together a total package of treatment for mind and body. I guess the best thing about that is that you don't have to worry about making sure that one doc knows what the other is doing. Their team approach at least eliminates that issue.

It never hurts to explore all your options. Best of luck with whatever you determine is right for you.


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When I called to check on them, they told me they accepted TriCare Standard insurance. That really surprised me from what I had heard about them.
But they wouldn't take me because of the kind of cancer I have, mucinous adenocarcinoma or appendiceal cancer. They know it can't be treated so I guess they didn't want me as one of their negatives.

Debbie in Arkansas

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I had heard that they have various centers across the US and that each center has specalties. Is it possible that the rejection was just for the center you tried or was it a blanket no?

Regardless, keep on trying...there is possibly someone out there who will take on the challenge of proving the rest of the medical community wrong if they say it "can't be treated".

Good luck in your search,


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I guess it from all of them. I was on hold a long time before the "nurse" told me they didn't have room for me in any of their facilities. Again, this cancer is so rare and so not curable, I just don't think they wanted me as a statistic.
I'll be trying some other places if my next CT scan comes back that the tumors have grown.


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