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Radiation side effects

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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had the RAI affect their mouth. I had RAI on the 17th of Feb. had bad jaw pain the next morning and I still I have had a bad taste in my mouth occasionally. Now I have sore areas in the corners of my mouth. Like they are cracked and now one side is open. I have been applying lip balm and one side is better. I had jaw pain again the day before they started bothering me. I'm wondering if the radiation attacked them, any answers or suggestions.

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Hi IowaBo, I had pain that I thought was my jaw but I think it was salivary glands that were having spasms because the RAI settled in them. My jaw still hurts sometimes if I eat something that requires alot of chewing. My last RAI treatment was Jan. 2009. What type of thyca did you have? I hope this helped and your pain is gone soon.

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Hi, I have Papillary. Did you have any other symptoms. I had the cracked mouth areas and now I have a red line that starts at the corner of my mouth and goes right below my cheek. I also have a line on my hand that has been there since about a week after RAI. Weird stuff!!!

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Hi Iowa,

I love Iowa. I lived there for almost 2 years, about 10yrs ago. My husband and I were actually contemplating moving back there, until this winter happened and oh my did you guys get hit hard. A little much for me now that I am a little older!! lol..

Anyway, sorry to hear about your side effects. I to had very bad jaw pain when I woke up the next morning from my RAI treatment. That pain lasted me a few days but then went away. I did however experience loss of taste for about a month! It was crazy, i really coulnt taste anything, i was kinda starting to get pissed about it, but eventually it all came back. No long term damage was done, so you will be fine. Just have a little patience and some prayers help also!!

Good luck!

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I am from Iowa. I live in Missouri now. I will always consider Iowa my home though. Nieces and Nephews call me Bo that's how I got my name. Thanks for the well wishes. I pray a lot!!!

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I did not have any pain in my jaw after RAI but 2 weeks later I lost most of my taste - everything tastes either like soap or very metallic. Its driving me nuts.

My doc told me to continue sucking on lemon candy and to drink as much as possible.

Hope this goes away - I always feel like my mouth is dry and sore.


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Yea, I still have the dry mouth and metallic taste too.

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I had my TT 1 1/2 years ago and I have a scar on the left side of my neck from lymph node removal.

Not that I could ever sing, but I really can't hold a tune now and I will get occasional sore throats (one time it lasted a month...I don't have tonsils so I know it isn't that) and my voice will occassionally get hoarse.
I talked once w/a nurse who had radiation from breast cancer and she heard that radiation is "the gift that keeps on giving." So I think these flare ups are from the RAI.

I guess it could be worse and not able to speak at all.

Oh, the dry mouth for me lasted about a month after RAI treatment.

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