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primitive neuroectodermal tumor

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hi i've been diagnosted with a primitive neuroectodermal tumor in my ankle ,i'm new on this website and i really want to share my story with you ;i started chemeotherapy last monday and i went out of the hopital friday and i'll be back in 21 days;

it's the start, and i want to learn about life with cancer because i'm the first case in the whole family history ,i don't know anybody in person who has cancer that's why i'm here to learn from your experiences and your stories;it will be an honor .

my life is no longer the same i don't go to university anymore ,i feel really tired and exhausted ,i lost my apetite,but i didn't lost my hair yet and i hope not to.
i'm here to learn how to be stronger through this battle specially i don't have any metastasis ;
so this is the first time i talk about my desease and i hope to learn from every story .thanks

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I was recently diagnosed with PNET tumors in my spine. I haven't started chemo yet but hope to soon. I am feeling very confused as to how this type of tumor started without anything in my brain first. I was also curious if they are talking to you about radiation in the brain since your tumor is so far away. They think that even though I don't have a tumor there, the possibility of one coming up are strong enough to call for this.

Hope you are feeling better since you posted last.


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Hi Saumaya,
I dont know if u are still active on this site, but if u are then I would like to tell you that I am sorry to hear abt ur disease and I just hope that it gets better and u feel better with time. I also have been diagnosed with a PNET cancer for my tumour in my chest. It happened in the start of this year and I have completed 8 cycles of Chemo with eight more to go in the next 5.5 months. I would like to hear about ur experience of the treatment and I am hoping, ur treatment is over so how do u feel after the treatment. Look forward to hear from you.
Take care

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