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underarm pain

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hi ladies,,
my sister had her mastectomy last december ,but she is feeling an underarm pain from the mastectomy side , she asked her oncologist about it , and told her if she still in pain for another week he would recommend a bone scan , is it possible that she could have a metastases in bone? she just finished her last round of chemo from 3 weeks ago and will start radiation on the 10th ,all her previous tests were clean..
anyone has experienced such pain..? thanks

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My armpit and part of my underarm and part of the incision site of the mastecomy is numb. But my armpit is half numb but it is also sensitive to touch and when I put on my deodorant is feels tender and hurts a little. Is that the kind of pain your sister has? The middle of my breast bone right by the mastecomy scar is sore when I touch it. It was sort of numb before. I am due to see my surgeon and I will check that pain out with him. I'm scared to ask. It seems that every pain we get we are in an instant panic that it's the cancer coming back.

I hope your sister tests out negative and it is just nerves coming back from the mastectomy. Keep us posted....we all will want to know.

Hugs, Judy :-)

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skeezie , yes something like this ...she is waiting now , wish you all the luck ...

thanks everyone for your concern wish yuo all the best

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will keep you updated as soon as i know something new ..thanks judy

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Hi Balou,

I still have pain from mastectomy site its has been almost 3 years. I just now getting feeling in my underarm. My oncolgist said that is normal. I also had physical therapy which help pain and loosen the muscle. Maybe she should see a physical therapy with problem. I hope radiation goes well and hope she do not have to have a bone scan. I will keep her in my prayer.

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When I had pain on my mastectomy side, the Onc. said it was nerves repairing themselves.Could also be some lymphodema.The swelling can cause achiness in that arm.
If it is really painful though, she needs to get it checked out.I hope it turns out ok for her.

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It could just be healing, or, lymphedema. Make sure she has her surgeon and oncologist check it out. Good luck!

Christine Louise
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Yes, I have it too, off and on, sometimes down the inside of my upper arm, as well. Ibuprofen helps mine a lot. I've also held a rolled up towel between my upper arm and torso, and keeping my underarm "opened up" away from my body this way helps. My doc said these odd pains are kind of a good thing, because it means the nerves are "coming back." Of course your sister will want the bone scan if the doc thinks it's called for. Good luck to her!

New Flower
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18 months after mastectomy and lymph nodes removal i still have pain. Your sister needs to see her breast surgeon and physical therapist. Most likely it is a post-operational pain.
Good luck

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hope it will be a healing process or as you said a post operational pain ...thank you all

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