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Third surgery for squamous cell cancer advice anyone?

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Hello, I just went though my third major surgery for squamous cell skin cancer. I have not even been back to get my stitches out. My glands in my neck, underarm are swollen. I am already on antibiotics for prevention of infection. Now I am worried, my throat is sore, my ear has pain (one sided) and my eye has a lot of pressure. I also noticed the glands that run along my neck and shoulder are pea size and sore. Any advice?

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I wish I could give you better advice other than have you called your dr's office? It could be due to a variety of reasons so the treatment will depend on the cause. I hope your pain goes away very soon!

Best wishes.

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I am so sorry to hear your so uncomfortable. The best advice would be to call your doctor and let them know.

How long ago was the surgery?

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My surgery was 2 weeks ago. My doctor just ran blood work thank you for the support.

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