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01 fatboy
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After getting thru Breast cancer in 03 and Leukemia in o6 with my wife I thought my family was exempt from cancer. Damm the luck, I am diagnosed with RCC with Metts
I had my rt Kidney removed 12-28 with success and all surrounding tissue came back as normal, again I thought I was clear of this disease.
Soon after the surgery I was in a lot of pain in my rt quadrant and had a very hard time eating,the Docs told me it was the post surgery pain. Finally after an Endoscopy a mass was found in my duodenum that showed to be cancer. Damm this luck. I had discussion with the docs about a Whipple Procedure that would have me in the Hospital for some time, I have decided to put that off for now, because the prognosis I'm hearing now is I have about a year to live. I have began my treatment with Sutent now and await a bone scan soon
If there is anyone else out there that has been down this road and can offer any advice it surely be appreciated

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There has been a lot of success with the sutent, so I'll be praying for it to be helping you too.
I had my rt kidney, tumor, adrenal gland, and six lymph nodes removed thirteen months ago.
Been in a clinical trial that compares sutent, sorafenib, and a placebo... I can tell from the side effects that I am on sorafenib. Its a tough regimen, but I have stayed on the full dose now for 340 days.. only 39 more days to go.
From everything I have read and heard on various chat boards, the best thing to do is follow your oncologist's advice, and if they offer you participation in a clinical trial do it and try to stick it out.
This stuff sucks, but there are lots more options today, and more things are in the pipeline. You are in my prayers with many others. Hang tough...

I had an '03 Harley 1200 sportster... From your handle, I'm guessing you ride.. :)

01 fatboy
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Joined: Mar 2010

Dam near cried, I did cry.... It is good to hear from someone who is in the same boat as me and will take the time to respond with their story. sounds like you hanging in there and you only have 39 days left on your treatment. IM so happy for you. My docs are telling me I have a year to live, you inspire me and give me the strength to keep moving forward. I am in the stage where I just heard the news and its starting to become real. I wii pray for you and all others with this disease.
Yes I ride, so lets keep this crying stuff between just us

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Look on the bottom of your foot. Is there a date stamp on it? NO!!! The Doctors don't know for sure when any of us will go. Please find the book, The Twelfth Angel. My brother just sent it to me, it is a quick read. It is a sad book in many ways but so very inspirational. It will give you some fight! Hang in there, with prayers for your strength and for all of us here.

01 fatboy
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Joined: Mar 2010

Yes it is time to luv. You were right I didn't see a stamp. I will look for the book. I find comfort in knowing there is someone out there willing to share their insights with me.My prayers are with you, that you may find you peace.