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CT scan confusing

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I got my CT scan results Thurs. he said it looked like it has growen, but could be swelled up? My CEA is still 10-12 I am a bit worried ok a lot worried. I really wanted a break from chemo this summer. My neighbor has bone ca and they gave him 6 months 8 years ago
he told me about some herbs here they are excuse the spelling, Zerolite, plankinset, and
something to do with the stem cells. has anyone heard of these and how they affect chemo?
Also has anyone ever had a CTscan that wasnt accurate?
Thanks for any imput

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Scans will indicate a mass, but really won't tell you or the physician
what the mass is; Figuring that out, is the responsibility of the physician.

Keep in mind, that the "results" are going to be only an "opinion",
and you can take your scans to another specialist for another
opinion. Just use a physician that isn't a member of the same
"group" or organization of the first one...

If you've started chemo, and are in the middle of it, you should
probably stay with it. If you're not taking chemo, and the cancer
isn't at a stage that is life-threatening, you could look into
alternatives. Just keep in mind that this is a very serious condition,
and self-diagnosis and self-medication must be done with a
tremendous amount of research; your life depends on your decisions.

Some of us have gone the alternative route, and are (so far) successful,
but it takes an overwhelming amount of conviction, and determination,
since there will be an equally overwhelming amount of people telling
you to go the western medicine route.

You can't fear cancer, if you plan on fighting it; you can't fear
death as an outcome of your choice, since that can happen
regardless of what you do. Doctors can not, nor will not, guarantee
your continued existence, or the eradication of your cancer.

Anyone that tells you some product is guaranteed to cure cancer,
is being disingenuous at best. Only your own immune system
can have a true impact on surviving cancer long-term.

You have to weigh all your options and do all the homework.

Don't let fear rush you into a path you know nothing about;
we want you to get healthy!


Posts: 278
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I have been on chemo 1 year 1 month this time I can deal with ca. just if it is growing what to do about it I am going to do some more research on the herbs though. of
course I will ask my onocologist before I start anything new, I have a pretty good attitude but if it has growen then I want to know my options cause I have to much living to do befor I will give up I love my life Just ready for a vacation from chemo I know you can relate to that. I wont do anything without my drs ok first as I do trust him you are right I do have a lot of research to do I ask here first because most of you have
always given good advicethanks again for imput


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I was praying your scans would be all clear! I am sorry you may not be able to take a break from the chemo.

I do know that CEA is only one measure and the scans are another. As others mentioned, it is up to your onc. to determine what the scans mean.

John said everything so eloquently, I can only emphasize everything he said.

Talk to your doc. about any supplements. You don't want to counter anything you are doing and have a negative effect.


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I am always interested in reading about supplements that could be potentially be beneficial to my health. I googled the "Zeolite" and one of the first hits was an article by Dr Andrew Weil (http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/QAA400526/Is-Zeolite-a-New-Cancer-Cure.html) about it. At the end of the article it does mention that Zeolite could contraindict chemotherapy.

I most definitely believe in enhancing my immune system via juicing, exercise, sunlight and supplements. I would only do so, however, with the supervision/knowledge of my doctor. If you are considering any supplements please discuss them with your oncologist. If he/she is unwilling to take a holistic approach to your treatment perhaps you may want to consider a doctor more in tune to dietary changes and supplements as part of your regimen.

All the best to you,

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How long were you off chemo before your scan? At the Liver Symposiums that I have attended this has come up several times and the onc all over the country agreed,you need to stop chemo 2-4 weeks prior to a CT or the results can be compromized.

I would get other opinions of your scan and overall status before I started any herbals, but that is me. You have to do what is right for your life. Because this IS you LIFE you are fighting for.

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.


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