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Conditions caused by Interleukin 2 treatment.

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In response to my post from 3/4/10-Stumbled across a condition, "Arthralgias" which can be caused by treatments for cancer. In our case, "IL2" is the treatment which son, Jason received. He is advanced stage 3 metastatic melanoma-diagnosed Nov 2007. Jason stopped IL2 after 2 wks this past Jan. He has suffered terribly with muscle/joint pain since receiving IL2. Will seek treatment thru Rheumatologist ASAP. Sincerely hope this info helps anyone else suffering from muscle/joint pain after cancer treatment. GOD bless all!

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My wife had IL2 treatments in August, September and November 2009 and of course had the awful muscle and joint pain. She saw a Rheumatologist who was referred to us by her Oncologist. The Rheumtologist prescribed steroids to ease the muscle and joint pain.
This was not good. When she saw her oncologist a week later he had a fit, he told her that steroids reduces the healing that the IL2 does and also compromises the immune system and of course to stop taking the steroids. Please make sure your Rheumatologist did not prescribe steroids.

Another help for the muscle joint pain is Advil or Aleve. The Aleve helped my wife.

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