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Interluekin-2 experiences?

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We're researching IL-2 therapy for stage IV. I'd appreciate any info. Thanks.

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Check out this website.


I have met with this lady personally and the IL-2 was a complete success for her. Perhaps her website can answer a few questions for you.

Best of luck to you and may God bless!

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My wife can vouch for IL2. She had a malignant mole on her forehead 1991. It was excised and border and surrounding lymph nodes removed. She was cancer free and has faithfully done followups with doctor including June 2009 when a dark spot on Xray appeared. She was diagnosed after PET scan and CT scan with stage 4 metastasizing melanoma with tumor on her esophagus and two tumors on her lung. Her oncologist told her that the best treatment for her would be interleuken 2. He told us that he had patients who were treated with the IL2 who had been 5-10 and 15 years cancer free. She has had 4 five day treatments starting in August and ending in November. The IL2 takes a toll on your body (see Jane's Operation Sun Shield).
The side effects were rough on my wife, but it was worth it. She had a PET scan and CT scan March 5 and we got the results Monday this week. Good News! the tumors are gone. Praise God!!
My wife of 36 years is now cancer free!!

Please look at Operation Sun Shield. It is a great website full of information and tips.

Best of luck to you, keep a positive attitude.

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