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Just ONE more

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I have completed #11 of Folfox this week - last one is March 15 (5-fu will come off March 17) - will have a very Happy St Patty's day - may even have a green beer or two! I haven't had any beer for a year now....
My year, as well as many others, started March 27, 2009...with the abdomin pain - negitive cat scan - other than the abcess in the left lower area...
Surgery was on June 4 - that was the day I was diagnosed....

Yes, it is a LONG journey - and I am SO ready to get back to my new "normal"....just one more time of feeling the chemo crap....These last 3 have really been a kick in the tail...It will take all of my mind, body and spirit to go to this last one -

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Good work + good luck with your last treatment.

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Congratulations Michelle. I remember talking to you when you first joined and talking about our mutual GREAT surgeon(I see him next week).

It is a long,hard road but well worth the trip. You can now look forward to the future and being cancer free!!


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Joined: Jul 2009

Dawn, Tell our "Hero" I will see him on 3/24! Thank you for cheering me on! Have a great appointment!

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Well done! I completed my 12th in August and it's like it was all a bad dream.... and I wonder why I have to go for a scan late this month!

My 12th was not worse than the previous three so hoping the same for you!


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A great milestone to look forward to this month! Hope that the last is the easiest, and "new normal" is quick to follow.

Best wishes,


Fight for my love
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It's the light at the end of the tunnel.Good luck with the last treatment.My husband still has two more to go.We will celebrate right after you.

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We can celebrate the end of treatment - have a Birthday celebration with all the March B'days!

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You're just about there!!!!!Steve

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That is great news,and i'm very happy for you. I will tell you that it does take sometime to get back in the swing of things. If you can take some time for yourself before returning to work. I've been back to work for 6 months and am just getting up to speed.Chemo takes alot out of you. Once again i am very happy for you
Just happy to be Here!!

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You're so close!! You can do it!


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Great job!!! Have a great St.Pattys day!! I start my 12 this week, I hope Iam as strong as you!! CONGRATS!!

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This is my "week off" - so I am enjoying the WV sunshine and watching the snow finally melt! I really appreciate every comment - and I know we can all be winners and get there!

Wishing you all well!

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I am so happy for you!! My 5th one will start on the 16th. I so look forward to where you are. Have a beer and celebrate. Can I say I'm jealous? :o)

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until they the last session and the last time they have to remove the pump - FREEDOM!

Live long and prosper!

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it is such a relief to be done with the chemo. Take time and space in the next couple of months. I noticed that I was more anxious for a few months and it took me a awhile to get back my strength. It's great that you can get outside more with spring coming. I would just watch clouds and grass grow and feel the breeze on my face.

all the best, Leslie

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