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Has anyone experienced this?

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My father was diagnosed with NSCLC lung cancer with mets to the brain in December. My mother had initially brought him to the ER thinking he was suffering a stroke because he was confused and exhibiting weird behavior. He was put on steroids, underwent radiation for the brain tumors and chemo for the lung cancer. He was slowly weaned off the steroids. Today he started showing signs of confusion again. He was admitted to the hospital tonight because the Oncologist said that his cancer looks much better than before, so they think there is something else going on, so they want to run more test. Has anyone else had any experiences like this?


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The same thing would happen to my mom. We originally brought her to the hospital for confusion, but we thought her RBC count was low and she needed a transfusion (she had bleeding ulcers before cancer) and they noted it as her sodium count was low. They said a few things could do that, one being cancer. She was then diagnosed with lung cancer after they ran CTs and did biopsies. They gave her sodium supplements and that helped some. When she went in remission she never got confused like that and her sodium counts were fine. After 3 months, I noticed she'd start to get a little out of it sometimes and I was worried the cancer was back. It was and it had spread to the brain as well. It being in the brain made her confusion a lot worse plus they had her on a lot of different meds which probably just aided in the incoherentness. You might want to ask about the sodium thing - sodium is a nutrient necessary for brain function so that's why it caused my mom's confusion. That's all I can think of! Good luck with it all! :)

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