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i am now thoruoghly confused. was all ready for the torture of radiation, and then went to a head and neck surgeon today and he says he can get it all with removal of the lymph nodes and the tonsils. any imput???????

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I had my tonsils out last month, what a miserable thing to have done at 44. They also took out part of my soft pallet and some other stuff, I am all healed up now and had the radiation mask fitted yesterday. There are sever people on here at different stages of treatments, alot of good information. Stay stong.

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Andy, will they only use surgery OR still go for the radiation etc after surgery ?? I opted to have mine (l tonsil SCC) surgically removed and then had IMRT and Chemo (Erbitux). Sometimes they suggest to shrink the tumor with Radiation first, other times the reverse and if you are lucky - surgery can be sufficient if they get it early and get the margins to ensure it's all out. That is the best scenario.

Hope all goes well.

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thanks..my oncologist is gonna collect all the data and consults. i hate being in this state of not knowing

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I would guess (and this is only a guess) that a lot would depend on what stage you're in -- the size of your tumor, whether it has metastasized, etc.
FWIW, I was Stage III with one lymph node involved. All of the docs I consulted said that surgery and radiation were required if I wanted to live. Chemo was optional, but supposedly would improve my chances by about 20 percent. I had the surgery, rads and opted for the chemo.
If you can get away with only surgery, well, you've been blessed. Chemo and radiation (particularly radiation) are no fun at all.
I hope that this is the case, and that all goes well for you.
Please keep us informed.

--Jim in Delaware

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I am having my surgery on the 29th of March. Have they found your primary? With me they havent so my ENT told me before the neck dissection she was going to be doing the scopes and biopsys. My PET and CT scans only show cancer in the lump on the back of my neck. I dont know yet if I am to have radiaton and chemo... I think I heard doctor say she has sent my file over to the radiation doctor and oncologist for them to go over.I will do everything they say to do though.
I will be thinking of you. We are at the same stage here.

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